What to do if the induction stove doesn’t work properly


What to do if the induction stove doesn’t work properly

Many people prefer to install an induction stove in the kitchen considering them more efficient and safe. However, these cookers can also have problems in their operation, usually at the worst possible time. The first reason that the stove stops working correctly is the main switch or fuse. If there is an increased electricity voltage, then this fuse blows and interrupts the operation of the entire circuit shutting off the device.

The induction hob can also malfunction because of the oxidation of the contacts between the control unit and the touch panel. Another reason that there is no contact between the control box and the panel may be fat deposits. In this case of induction stove breakage, you need to contact professional stove repair services in Toronto which can ensure complete appliance repair services for your broken device.

Stove repair in case of insufficient heating

If the induction cooker does not heat well then the reason may be that the bottom of the cookware is much smaller than the burner itself. Or the cookware has deformed bottom and since an induction hob is equipped with the smart-technology burners they will not be heated in such a situation. You can easily get rid of this problem by buying special cookware for your stove that is designed only for induction cookers.

The second reason that the induction hob does not heat up is that the hotplate does not adhere well to the glass-ceramic. The problem can be solved by adjusting the presser springs but this procedure should be done by competent stove repairman. There may still be a reason for overheating the induction winding, but this happens very rarely.

Induction stove burner failures

Sometimes burner problems may cause the stove doesn’t work properly. The reasons for this malfunction may be a few:

  • You are using cookware with the bottom smaller in diameter than the burner circle, so there is no full contact that is necessary for heating.
  • The cookware has a lower thickness of the bottom than is necessary for induction hob.
  • Before turning on the induction cooktop and choosing the desired mode, you must place the dishes on the hotplate first.

If the above recommendations are implemented but the stove still refuses to work, the reasons can be as follows:

  • The temperature sensor is broken.
  • The lost connection between the control board and power supply.
  • There is no contact in the terminal box. It is worth checking the fuse if it is blown, then replace it with a new one.

It is not worth carrying out any stove repairs on your own because the induction cooker has a complex design and structure. In order to avoid the more complicated problem, it is better to call for Toronto appliance repair specialists who will first carry out meticulous diagnostics, find the main reason for the breakage and then fix it. As you can see, there are many causes of why a malfunction occurs in the induction stove. The simplest ones can be solved on your own but the others require professional stove repair services in Toronto involvement. Our trained handymen are capable of dealing with any kind of issue related to stove and oven, which usually includes troubles with the buttons, broken sensors, part replacement, and so on.

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