What is Aqua Sensor in a dishwasher


What is Aqua Sensor in a dishwasher

Modern dishwashers are equipped not only with a standard set of programs but also with additional features and functions. One of such features is automatic dishwashing, carried out by the Aqua Sensor built into the dishwasher. Many people ask the question, what is it and how does it work? Our Toronto appliance repair specialists will answer all these questions below.

The principle of operation

Translated from Latin Aqua Senor means water sensor. This sensor in a dishwasher detects the turbidity of water by the existence of little traces of dirt, scraps of food, etc. This allows the device to change the washing program parameters (duration, detergent use, water usage) helping to save the energy.

The dishwasher Aqua Sensor is an optical photocell and a photoreceiver. They are located opposite each other on a common board. The board is protected by an opaque casing that has a curved “U” shape. An infrared ray sent from the photocell passes through the water and hits the photoreceiver. When the water is clean, a signal is sent to the control board, and a change occurs in the washing program:

  • clean water is used more than once;
  • fresh water is not taking in;
  • excessive rinsing of the dishes is not activated.

If the water is dirty, then the ray intensity is not enough for the photoreceiver to get a signal. In that event, the microprocessor of the Aqua sensor system sends information to the control unit that there is no signal from the photocell. This is interpreted as water turbidity. After each rinse cycle, the sensor is calibrated and the water purity is determined.

This automatic dishwashing method saves up to one gallon of water per cycle, while the washing quality remains excellent. The sensitivity of the photocell of the dishwasher turbidity sensor also depends on the formation of limescale and the amount of detergent remaining in the water.

The water purity sensor is located at the bottom of the dishwasher case. It can be seen by removing the left lid of the dishwasher. The water sensor is inserted into the connector of the circulation pump, and therefore its replacement in the event of performing dishwasher repair services in Toronto will not be difficult.

Which brands of dishwashers are equipped with a water sensor

The technology for determining the purity of the water was first implemented in the dishwashing machines manufactured by Bosch and Siemens. The dishwashers of a low price category aren’t equipped with this sensor but units of the middle and elite class have it.

A little later, a water purity sensor appeared in advanced dishwasher models from other manufacturers. However, its name is slightly different from that Bosch engineers came up with. For example, Miele dishwasher manufacturers have called such a sensor “Eco Sensor”, and Hotpoint-Ariston call it Sensor System.

Thus, the dishwasher water purity sensor is an example of a new technology that allows the unit to control the quality of dishwashing. Result of this sensor use:

  • the number of dish rinses is regulated (this leads to significant water-saving);
  • washing time and energy consumption reduced.

If your dishwasher doesn’t work properly or you are not satisfied with washing quality, feel free to contact our trained appliance repair professionals offering reliable dishwasher repairs in the Toronto area.

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