Washing machine main rules of use and care


Washing machine main rules of use and care

Using household appliances every day, the question may come to mind: how long can household appliances work? Is it possible to have your washer working without the need of washer repair, say, 30 or 40 years? Why all the innovations that exist in the world of technology today can’t make modern household appliances more durable and resilient? The reasons are multiple, for example, the use of complex electronic circuits, thanks to which the functionality of washing machines is expanded.

Typically, modern manufacturing companies give a warranty card for their appliances for no more than ten years. But this does not mean that after ten years your washer stops working.  It can last longer. The service life will depend on how you use it, and whether there will be proper care and maintenance of your appliance. Our Toronto appliance repair specialists are always ready to share their knowledge and experience about how to properly care about your washing machine to prolong its life.

Washers basic care rules

Most often, the washer doesn’t work properly or even fails due to frequent voltage drops in the electrical network. If you have this problem in the area you live provide the appropriate protection for your device, or call fixing experts from our washer repair services in Toronto.

  • Descale the washer. This can be the use of water softeners or citric acid to clean the device.
  • Do not overload the washing machine, use it as often as it should be according to the operating manual.
  • Try to use less washing programs that work at high temperatures.
  • Carefully check all clothes before washing to avoid foreign objects get into the washing machine.
  • Do not close the door of the washing machine tightly after washing, leave it ajar.
  • Do not use hand washing detergent as it gives a lot of foam. If there is a lot of foam, then it can displace water that spills onto the floor or floods the electrical part, which, in turn, will lead to washer breakdown. To avoid this, interrupt the wash process and set the spin program, this will help avoid troubles.
  • Use as much laundry for washing as indicated in the instructions.
  • Try do not leave working washing machine unattended.

Washing machines market innovations

Siemens has come up with the newest washing machine that has the ability to distinguish the types of dirt. Tomato sauce or chocolate can be removed without user involvement. In addition, the latest invention has significantly reduced the time of such a process. And the affordable cost of such a unit allows everyone to purchase it.

Based on these developments, the German company Speech Experts has created a talking washer Germina. Using the display, the appliance will be able to explain to the user how to sort the laundry and load it into the machine properly. It can also advise which detergent is best to use.

Along with such smart and advanced models, Bosch manufacturers have released a series of machines called Logixx. The main advantage of them is a large selection of functions and ease of use. Also, washing devices are equipped with the ability to automatically weigh the laundry, and in case of excess of the norm, they give a signal to the user. What’s more, they can even calculate the optimal amount of detergent to ensure an excellent wash result. The Aqua-Stop system guarantees 100% protection of the washing machine from leaks, and the Aqua-Sensor system controls the water in the rinse mode.

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