Washer repair if the washing machine does not spin


Washer repair if the washing machine does not spin

Breakage is not always the reason that the washing machine does not spin. Sometimes the problem is in incorrect cycle settings, under or overloading the drum, or in the distribution of the laundry in the drum. If the reason is not in these factors, it is time to call Toronto appliance repair specialists who will determine the cause of the breakdown and why your washer doesn’t work properly.

In general, the washer may not spin due to the following faults:

  • motor breakdown;
  • water sensor breakage;
  • speed sensor fault;
  • malfunction of the control board;
  • deformation or natural wear of the drive belt.

Issues of concern and possible DIY solutions

Before starting the spin program, the washing machine must drain all the water from the drum. Also, during the spin, the machine drains all the water that comes out of the wet laundry. Therefore, if the washing machine does not drain the water, then the first reason can be a draining system issue.

The first thing to do is to unscrew and clean the drain filter. If there are foreign objects inside it, you need to remove them. If the reason is not in the drain valve, then you need to check the drain hose for blockages, as well as the drain pipe that goes from the drum to the pump.

Setting the wrong washing cycle can also cause no spin problem. Some washing modes imply a delicate attitude to laundry, which means that there is no intensive spin. These programs can be wool, silk, gentle or hand wash, and others. However, sometimes it may happen that the mode included spinning, and the washer still finished the cycle without spinning. In this case, you need to check if the spin is not deactivated before starting the cycle.

If the washing machine does not have the function of detecting the imbalance or overloading of the laundry, problems may arise during the washing process if the laundry is unevenly distributed over the drum or it is overloaded. Usually, in such situations, the machine behaves like this: at the moment when the spinning should start, the device tries to spin the drum, but cannot do it. After the washing machine does not spin, it stops the washing cycle.

Breakdowns requiring professional washer repair

Malfunctions that should be eliminated by skilled fixers from washer and dryer repair service are discussed in what follows.

  • The tachometer is broken. If the washing machine is systematically overloaded with laundry the breakdown of the tachometer is inevitable. A tachometer is a device that monitors the number of revolutions in the washing machine. Due to its breakdown, the machine may “not know” how fast the drum rotates and, accordingly, set the spin speed incorrectly. Also, the reason for the tachometer malfunction may be the loosening of its fastening or damage to the wiring and contacts connected to the tachometer.
  • Motor malfunction. The brushes in the engine will wear out over time. That can cause poor performance. Accordingly, it cannot develop a sufficient number of revolutions for normal spinning. Due to motor brushes problems the washing machine may not spin.
  • Problems with the control module. The control module is the brain of the washing machine. It controls all programs, receives signals from sensors, and gives orders to the executing elements. In most cases, the control unit can be fixed and requires replacement.

If any of these issues happen with your device it is better to contact professional repairmen delivering reliable washer repairs in the Toronto area.

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