Top things that shorten the lifespan of your refrigerator


Top things that shorten the lifespan of your refrigerator

Surprisingly, there are many things that you may do wrong, unintentionally shortening the lifespan of your refrigerator. Regardless of what model of fridge you are lucky to use, there are still some things that are highly recommended to be avoided as they take years off your essential kitchen appliance. Furthermore, if you already notice any malfunctions while using your refrigerator, we are here to offer highly efficient express appliance repair Toronto, professionally maintaining different models of fridges of various brands.

Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service is here to describe the top things that shorten the lifespan of your kitchen appliance.

Top things you do wrong when using a kitchen refrigerator

So what are the things that prevent the refrigerator in your kitchen from working many years longer?

  • Not changing the water filter. If your type of refrigerator has a water dispenser that is also capable of making ice, changing the water filter regularly is essential. A dislodged filter can create all kinds of issues, which will affect the working abilities of the kitchen appliance itself. Fortunately, you will be able to detect the problem as the ice maker will make smaller ice cubs or not produce them at all.
  • Not cleaning the coils properly or not cleaning them at all. It is not that it is necessary to clean it very often, but doing it twice a year would be safe and enough for your essential kitchen unit. If there is debris on the coils, the compressor will be working harder than it is designed to, which automatically shortens the lifespan of the unit.
  • Your fridge is too full. It is not really a problem if your refrigerator is brand new, but some older models tend to have poorly protected fan blades that are not recommended to be closed by the items you put inside your kitchen appliance. Keep in mind that it is necessary to do a deep clean of contents in your fridge from time to time to prevent the unit from overworking.
  • High freeze temperature. The wrong temperature of your freezer is bad for the ice maker and the fridge in general. If the temperature is high it may lead to the thermostat defrosting, which reduces the lifespan of the refrigerator.
  • You ignore some important signs of malfunctioning. If you notice that your refrigerator is running more often than it is supposed to, do not ignore this sign. You may turn it off and do some outside and inside cleaning, letting it air dry properly, but if this does not help, it is necessary to call a handyman to receive thorough professional maintenance.

If you notice that your fridge stops running, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Toronto appliance repair experts to receive professional maintenance regardless of the type of malfunction you have faced.

Highly efficient household appliance repair

Not only do our trained appliance repair professionals repair different types of refrigerators, but also other kitchen, as well as, laundry room appliances. Our professional maintenance is available 7 days a week at affordable prices that are accompanied by discount prices. Fast appliance repair offers thorough diagnostic procedures, highly efficient repair and maintenance. Our Toronto appliance repair experts also provide necessary informative support, giving useful tips and advice.

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