Top 4 causes of refrigerator breakdowns that can be easily avoided


Top 4 causes of refrigerator breakdowns that can be easily avoided

Imagine that suddenly your fridge stops running. This is a real tragedy, with the loss of tons of food and attempts to urgently finish off ice cream from the freezer. Here our Toronto appliance repair specialists will consider the main reasons leading to the vast majority of refrigerator breakdowns and tell you how to avoid them.

Voltage surges leading to refrigerator repairs

Unstable mains voltage can cause your refrigerator fails in many cases. How to deal with power surges in the electrical network? The easiest option is to install a stabilizer that will extend the life of your cooling appliance. The best way is to install a stabilizer on the entire power grid in your house or apartment. However, if this is difficult or costly to do, you can do it with a compact device that plugs into any outlet.

Incorrect freezing

Another reason for the fridge doesn’t work properly is the increased load on the compressor. It can occur on several occasions but the most common cause of compressor overload is improper freezer operation. Each refrigerator has such a parameter as the freezing power. But not everyone is aware of this, and non-compliance with the specified freezing volume can entail serious consequences. This causes overheating of the system and the refrigeration circuit along with an increased load on the compressor. Also, a thick layer of snow and ice may form, even in models with a no-frost function, after such an overload.

So, if you want to extend the life of your refrigerator or freezer, always check for such an important parameter as the freezing power. It should also be noted that cold accumulators play an important role in freezing food because their use in a freezer can reduce the compressor load.

Hot food

It is very easy to overload the compressor by incorrect use of the refrigerator. To put a hot pot with soup or any other hot dish will be enough. All manufacturers and fridge repair Toronto experts always underline that hot or warm food should never be put in the refrigerator. Just imagine how much energy it takes to cool a pot of hot soup? It is more practical to leave it on the stove until it cools down. You don’t need to do anything about this. This is pretty simple advice, but not everyone knows about it.

Not tightly closed door

A tightly closed door is also an essential factor in the operation of the refrigerator. Someone can ask, what can be difficult there? Several factors can prevent the door from closing tightly:

  • A mess inside the fridge. Sometimes the refrigerator is full of foodstuff placed on top of each other. In such situations, any object often rests against the door preventing it from closing correctly. Sometimes the door closes but not tightly. This leads to increased penetration of warm air inside the device.
  • The door seal condition. The most important thing is the door seal. At first glance, the door may fit snugly and close but if the refrigerator is already aged then the seal on the door may slowly fail. So, if you have an old seal it might be worth considering replacing it. Moreover, the old sealant often picks up a lot of moisture and is a breeding ground for bacteria which is another reason to replace it.

Remember that a loosely closed door causes the refrigerator to run more and increases the load on the compressor.

If your refrigerator is still broken our experienced repairmen delivering fridge repair services in Toronto will quickly get your appliances back to life.

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