Things you should avoid putting in your washing machine


Things you should avoid putting in your washing machine

Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service specializes in repairing a broad spectrum of essential domestic appliances, which undoubtedly includes laundry room units. Indeed, getting the right way of how to do your laundry can save you from lots of problems and issues with both items you need to get cleaned and the washing machine itself.

We all know that it is not recommended to mix white clothes with dark ones, and are perfectly aware of the unpleasant situation that occurs when a pair of red socks ends up in your white laundry. Our team of Toronto appliance repair specialists has come up with a list of the things you should avoid putting in your washer.

Items you should avoid having washed in the washing machine

  • Memory foam pillows. Due to the specific structure of the foam pillows, it will lose its shape if soaked in water. You can have them cleaned professionally, but make sure to avoid tossing such a pillow in your laundry room appliance.
  • The best cleaning solution for ties would be spot-treating one as the majority of them are made of very delicate fabrics. Instead of using your washing machine, you can have your tie dry-cleaned. Or simply hand-wash the stained area gently.
  • If your sneakers are covered with leather, never clean them in the washer as it will simply peel off. You will have to wash them manually, using an old toothbrush or any other brush you no longer use to remove the stubborn stains.
  • Avoid excessive detergent. It is not necessary to add more detergent to get your items cleaned better, because the opposite will happen – excessive amounts of detergent can ruin your clothes. It may even remain in the fabrics not having been properly washed out previously.
  • Baby socks. Small items often get stuck in the vents and hoses of the washing machine. Make sure to wash them in a special bag.
  • Different types of bra. If you happen to wash your bra in the washing machine quite often, expect it to lose its shape. The worst thing about washing the bra in the washer is that its unbuttoned hooks can get stuck in the cylinder very easily. You can avoid all those issues by putting your underwear items in the lingerie bag.
  • Any clothes covered in your pet’s hair. Wet fur tends to get stuck to the different parts of the washing machine, as well as other items being washed in the drum. Moreover, excessive amounts of fur can clog drain pipes.

However, if you have accidentally put one of those items in the washing machine and it caused certain malfunctions, our repair company is here to help.

Reputable and affordable appliance repair service in Toronto

Irregular, as well as incorrect, maintenance, can lead to several problems with your washing machine. However, it is not the reason to panic or adapt your budget to purchase a brand new laundry room appliance. Our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area offers express appliance repair Toronto available at affordable prices regardless of what the problem is. We provide an inexpensive washer and dryer repair service, focusing on thorough diagnostic procedures and innovative repair ideas and solutions. Furthermore, we work with the laundry room appliances manufactured by the majority of brands so you can be sure that our trained appliance repair professionals will be able to give you a hand.

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