Things you didn’t know about your household appliances


Things you didn’t know about your household appliances

Repairing all household appliances and all brands, we have received rich experience in using and professionally maintaining a wide range of household devices manufactured today. Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service and its experienced experts are here to reveal interesting facts about various laundry room and kitchen appliances, the things you didn’t know your devices could actually do.

The majority of modern household appliances tend to serve basic purposes to satisfy the needs of a consumer. The question of whether my household appliance is capable of doing something more than its basic purposes leads modern manufacturers to create something innovational on the market. One of them is LG that allows you to discover new recipes on the screen of your refrigerator. So, what are the things that modern household appliances can additionally do to improve the quality of your life?

See what’s inside your refrigerator without even opening it

Not only can you browse and save recipes on the screen of your fridge, but also take a look at what’s inside by knocking twice on the door. We are talking about modern LG refrigerators that include this feature. It can also extend the lifespan of your kitchen device as you no longer need to open the fridge door to see what’s inside, letting warm air in.

Yet, if you decide to open the door, it can be done hands-free due to sensitive foot-detecting motion located on the bottom door of the appliance. The latest versions of LG refrigerator that are to be launched in the future feature a small camera inside the device, allowing to remotely see what you have in the fridge while being out.

Preheating kitchen oven remotely

Before using your kitchen oven to prepare something for dinner, you can preheat it remotely by using a mobile application that is connected to your kitchen appliance. You will only need a Wi-Fi connection to do that, and you can set the desired temperature, depending on what you are preparing.

Control your laundry remotely

A wide range of modern laundry room appliances, washing machines, in particular, allows controlling the laundry remotely via offered mobile application. Moreover, LG washers and dryers can be activated via Google Home, as well as Amazon Echo voice activation. Whereas Auto Dosing System chooses the necessary amount of detergent to be used to clean the clothes within a cycle effectively.

Clothes dry cleaner

Did you know that you could actually buy your own dry cleaner for clothes that you can control via Google Assistant and Alexa? There is no need to look for cheap dry-cleaning in your town since you can easily purchase your own dry cleaner that has many useful features. The steam it produces is capable enough to remove any bacteria from your clothes, as well as get rid of any creases. It only takes approximately half an hour to perform the procedure, and you can dry-clean many other things in your dry cleaner. This device also sanitizes the materials your clothes are made of.

Get in touch with our servicing center

In case you are experiencing problems using one of your laundry room or kitchen appliances, feel free to get in touch with our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area so as to receive adequate comprehensive maintenance. Our professional repairs are available at affordable prices and accompanied by discounts and special offers.

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