Things to avoid putting in your dryer


Things to avoid putting in your dryer

Outdoor clotheslines have been replaced by modern clothes drying machines, and having your clothes dried in the dryer appears to have more advantages rather than exposing them to the sun on the clothesline. Our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area is convinced that it is important to know how to correctly use your essential laundry room appliance to make it serve you much longer. Whether you are doing laundry in a Laundromat near your house, or at home, there are certain things and accessories you ought to avoid putting in the device to be air-dried. However, you can enable the air-only cycle with zero heat to air-dry them, but it is not really recommended to put them in the dryer drum at all! So what are those things?

Things to avoid putting in the drying machine

  • Gums, pocket items, and accessories. One of the basic rules applied to load drying machines, as well as washers, is checking out your pockets and taking out all the items. This is the best way to prevent disasters that can become fatal for your laundry room unit.
  • Here is the thing with bras; if you are wearing a padded bra, it is more likely to be made of spandex and elastic as those two fabrics provide support due to stretching abilities. But, high temperature created in the air dryer can easily break down those materials, ruining the initial shape of your bra and its performance.
  • Bags and backpacks. Indeed, school backpacks and bags of different purposes have to be cleaned regularly. But none of them is recommended to be put inside the drying machine. However, you can dry them if they are a hundred percent made of cotton. The thing is, the high heat created inside the drum of the drying machine can cause other common materials bags and backpacks are made of to melt, shrink, or deform the inner structure of the item.
  • This usually refers to sportswear (including padded sports bras) as they are made from high-tech fibers. Those fibers are designed to support muscles during a work-out, whether you are lifting weights, or doing cardio, and reduce the moisture within the exercise. The only way to dry them safely is to let them air-dry outdoors or indoors.
  • Tennis Shoes. This refers to the well-known Converse shoes, as well as any shoes made out of canvas and leather. The high heat of the clothes drying machine can cause those shoe materials to separate. The only way to dry them is to let them dry naturally. To be able to speed up the process, use the crumpled newspaper to stuff them with.
  • Sweaters, or jumpers, are usually created from knitted yarns. Not only can they lose their shape if damaged by the washing machine, but also tossed in the drying machine. You have to be extra careful with knitted jumpers as they can shrink, or stretch after the washing cycle, not to mention being exposed to heated air.
  • Rubber mats and rugs. What can possibly happen if you put a bath mat into a drying machine? It will simply melt! The back surface of the rug is made of rubber that melts when exposed to high heat.
  • Those items need to be thoroughly washed after each usage but let them dry naturally because the fabrics they are made of can be damaged, and destroyed in the dryer.
  • Wool clothing. The clothes made of wool have to be washed and dried manually only because the wool is a natural fiber. It can easily shrink after the washing and drying cycle, and it is very difficult, almost impossible, to return this natural fabric to its initial size.

If you are experiencing any issues with your faulty dryer, our team of trained appliance repair professionals is here to offer affordable and reliable dryer repairs in the Toronto area. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if your dryer doesn’t work properly.

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