The tumble dryer does not dry the laundry


The tumble dryer does not dry the laundry

If your tumble dryer does not dry laundry at all or leaves it damp, a detailed inspection of the faulty home appliance by skilled dryer technicians is required. This is the best way to determine the cause correctly and quickly eliminate the problem. Both inexpensive devices and units from famous brands (AEG, Bosch, Whirlpool, Frigidaire) with an increased working resource are equally exposed to breakdowns.

The first and simplest fault test which you can do before calling dryer repair services in Toronto is the door temperature. If after 3-5 minutes of the drying cycle it remains cold, most likely the heating element breakdown occurred. This is one of the frequently required parts which is responsible for heating the air inside the drum. But that’s only a supposition. A complete list of possible errors is shown below.

The main reasons causing dryer doesn’t work properly and their removing

So, after loading the laundry and starting, the tumble dryer does not heat up. Major breakdowns may be as follows:

  • Damage to the temperature sensor.
  • Heating element failure.
  • Power surges.
  • Electronics unit error.
  • Service errors.

Now, let’s look at each of them more closely.

Damage to the temperature sensor

This component is responsible for heating the heating element to the required temperature. Most often, the owner is faced with insufficient heating. This leads to the situation when the tumble dryer does not dry well, and the laundry remains damp, often with a damp smell. The solution is to replace the thermostat which should be done by professional repairmen from expert dryer repair services across Toronto. Be careful, because the same sensor can also heat up the heating element to abnormal temperatures, resulting in burning or drying out the laundry.

Heating element failure

This element bears the main load for heating the air in the drum. The wear of a spare part can be caused by the following factors:

  • excessive operation of the drying device (according to the regulations, the interval between starts should be at least 40-60 minutes);
  • untimely cleaning of the drum from lint, wool, fluff;
  • faulty temperature sensor (the control module supply increased voltage to the heating element this way shortening its life);
  • moisture ingress on the heater.

Power surges

For various technical reasons, the power supply may become unstable. The heating element is the first to fail (it bears the primary load), then the electronics unit and the power supply. If the heating element is relatively inexpensive, the control unit will cost 30-50% of the cost of the dryer.

Electronics unit error

The problem is more of a programmatic nature. Experienced dryer technicians can diagnose the problem and then reconfigure the internal system.

Service errors

If the dryer does not work normally, and the display does not show the cycle time, but specific symbols, the system makes it clear about the malfunction by means of codes. You can find their full list in the operation manual of your equipment.

Now you know why your machine does not dry well. If you are concerned with finding a reliable and professional company that performs washer and dryer repair service in Toronto, then we can put you at ease. In case if your dryer stops working, you can contact highly qualified and experienced Toronto appliance repair experts for help. They will quickly get your appliances back to life.

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