The Siemens dishwasher does not drain water


The Siemens dishwasher does not drain water

Toronto appliance repair experts consider it a fairly standard situation when a Siemens dishwasher does not drain water. Such a behavior of the unit is not necessarily caused by some kind of breakdown causing the dishwasher doesn’t work properly. On the contrary, most often such a problem arises for the most trivial reasons. First of all, you need to outline the range of possible causes. Let’s start with this.

Why is this happening?

So, what if the unit doesn’t want to remove the wastewater and the dishwasher stops working for this reason? It is necessary to find all possible problems and malfunctions that cause this. It is not difficult to do this, but still, we will help you.

  • First, blockages may be the reason. They are the most common concern for dishwasher owners, mainly through their fault.
  • Secondly, the pump may fail. Since the drain pump is responsible for pumping water into the sewer, its breakdown makes this process impossible.
  • Thirdly, the pressure switch may break. If this sensor fails, the control module cannot “understand” how much water is in the dishwasher. This causes the drain to stop and the unit stops working.
  • And finally, fourthly, the control module may fail, which in turn will lead to any errors, including the inability to drain the water.

The breakdown of the control module is the most serious issue and only a professional technician can deal with it.

DIY solution for the blockage problems

Here our trained appliance repair professionals offer a few simple hints on how to try and fix blockage by yourself. First, you need to check and exclude the most common reasons why it is impossible to drain. Try to listen to how the dishwasher works. If you can hear the pump humming, then you need to inspect the drain hose to make sure it is not clogged or pinched. You also need to check if the siphon that is under the sink is clogged. Make sure the water drains into the sink without delay. Next, you need to check if the main filter at the bottom of the washing chamber is clogged.

  • Free the washing chamber from unnecessary baskets that will interfere with getting to the filter.
  • Move aside or remove the lower spray arm.
  • Take out the glass-like filter and clean it with hot water and detergent.
  • Carefully take out the coarse metal mesh and wash it too (You need to make sure that all holes in the mesh are flushed, especially make sure that the mesh is not covered with a greasy coating).

After putting the filters back in place, you must test the dishwasher. If the wastewater still does not drain from the Siemens dishwasher, it is worth checking the pump.

However, it will not be possible to get to the pump through the sidewall of the case. To do this, you will have to remove the pallet by putting the machine on the back wall. But first, you need to do an important thing, remove the water. How to drain the dishwasher water? It is necessary to tilt the body of the machine to the right and wait until the water drains placing any tray.

If you are having difficulty disassembling your dishwasher better skip this step and call for professional dishwasher repair services in Toronto to avoid damage to your unit.

Having reached the pump, you need to disassemble and clean it. Usually, there is a lot of dirt on it but this dirt does not always cause the problem for its operation. Next, you need to check this detail more carefully. The nature of the breakage is determined visually during the inspection of the part. If during the inspection you realized that you can’t eliminate the breakdown trust this to a professional repairman delivering dishwasher repair in Toronto.

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