The pros and cons of the dryer for your laundry


The pros and cons of the dryer for your laundry

Manufacturers of washing machines were sure that washing clothes is only half the battle; the proper drying of clothes is also very important. Therefore, drying machines have been designed and developed. They work just like washing machines, only instead of the water used in the washer, the dryer treats the laundry with a stream of dry air. And the moisture that evaporates from the wet laundry is removed from the dryer as condensed water. They quickly proved their effectiveness and became an integral part of any laundry process. Nowadays it’s a real headache for homemakers when the dryer stops working and the assistance of experienced dryer technician to get it fixed is required.

Dryer types

Dryers are divided into three types, according to the principle of moisture removal:

  • Ventilation dryers. They are the cheapest in the market, but you will need to think about how moisture will be removed. In most cases, a drying machine is connected to the ventilation system, which sometimes can be not particularly convenient.
  • Condensing dryers. These models are more expensive than previously mentioned devices, but they are more practical because moisture is not removed. It is cooled in a heat exchanger and then the condensate accumulates in a special container, which is periodically emptied from water.
  • Heat pump dryers. These devices use Heat Pump technology. Thanks to this technology, moisture from the laundry is not moving outside but is passed through a pump. In this pump, it is condensed and put aside, and the air is heated up again and used by the device again. The cost of such drying machines is quite higher than the price of condensing machines, but it’s worth it.

Undoubtedly, while choosing the right dryer type is necessary to take into account the family budget and many other factors.

Dryer advantages and disadvantages

Let’s see what the advantages of tumble dryers are:

  • This is a convenient solution for small apartments where the owner has to dry laundry in the room.
  • The dryer works very quickly and this is also its big plus, especially in winter. The tumble dryer can dry about 8 kg of laundry in two hours. It is very practical for those with a large family and small children.
  • The drying machine dries clothes to the optimum moisture level. This allows you not to make great efforts when ironing, and sometimes you don’t need to iron the clothes at all. It is also very important for things made of delicate fabrics. The tumble dryer has a wide range of programs, which allows you to dry clothes from any fabric.
  • Additional dry cleaning mode is very convenient, especially for families with children. It is easy to clean soft toys, pillows, and so on in the dryer, and you do not need to go anywhere and pay for dry cleaning services every time.

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of drying machines. The very first and most significant drawback is the cost of the device, it’s actually not small. If the cost is very important to you, then it is better to choose a dryer from a well-known world manufacturer. This way you will be confident in the reliability of the unit and will not worry that you need reliable dryer repairs in the Toronto area after the first drying process. In addition to the cost, many buyers are disappointed when using the dryer because their dream to forget about the iron is ruined as the clothes still need to be ironed. Yes, most of the things can really be put on immediately after drying, but there are also clothes required ironing.

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