The proper operation and maintenance of the stove


The proper operation and maintenance of the stove

A stove is an appliance that firmly established itself in our life and has become an indispensable domestic aid. This unit is used almost every day to prepare various dishes. Like any other household appliance, an electric stove can fail or stove doesn’t work properly. So, you need to use it very carefully and adhere to all operating rules to avoid situations when the stove stops working. Correct use of the device will ensure long and efficient operation.

On average, a stove can last about 15 years. However, it requires a lot of attention and constant care to reach this result with no serious stove repair cases. Electric stove manufacturers advise users to clean the stove after each use or once a day. This will help you protect your stove from damage and reduce the effort and time of cleaning the stove surface since it is not so easy to clean caked spots. Remember that food residues on the stove can corrode the metal, so it is better to remove them immediately.

Since the operation of the stove can be influenced by many factors, you need to carefully study the recommendations from the manufacturer even before installation. As a rule, the directions for use contain all the information on how to properly install and care for the device. After reading the operation manual you may find out that before start using the new stove, it must be washed with a solution of soap and salt. This way you can remove the grease from the entire surface of the stove.

Tips on the stove use from a professional technician

Basic rules for the use of electric stoves are as follows:

  • The most important rule is to use the correct cookware. Actually, the use of appliances with an uneven bottom can often lead to breakage of the stove when the stove stops working. This happens because the burners of the stove can deform over time.
  • Do not place pans with a wet bottom on the stove, as this can lead to corrosion.
  • Never throw or place heavy objects on the stove body, as you risk of quick getting multiply cracks.
  • Never spill liquid on the burners, as they may crack.
  • Empty burners must not be turned on at full power.
  • Don’t use the stove for heating.

The operation of the induction stove should also be taken seriously. First of all, you need to buy special cookware that would be suitable in size for your model of an induction cooker. The bottom of such cookware should be made of special ferromagnetic material. When using other cookware, the surface simply won’t heat up. You can find special cooking utensils for such stoves by a special sign that marks the bottom of it.

The surface of the induction hob is glass-ceramic, so it is very smooth. This makes the maintenance of such a kitchen appliance much easier and can be carried out immediately after the pan has been removed from the cooking zone. The surface does not heat up during operation of the stove, since the electric current generates a magnetic field heating the bottom of the cookware only.

Thus, if you will follow all these tips and properly care for the stove, then it will efficiently serve you for a long time. If for any reason your stove doesn’t work properly our professional technicians ensure careful diagnostics for finding the essential reason why stove stops working or a particular fault or malfunction appeared. Trust reliable stove repairs in the Toronto and GTA area to our trained appliance repair professionals.

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