The new technologies of Bosch Home Connect Refrigerators


The new technologies of Bosch Home Connect Refrigerators

Bosch Home Connect is becoming a popular and demanded feature of many kitchen appliances produced by the well-known brands Bosch and Siemens. More and more users find remote control of household appliances convenient and practical. Also, by buying a model with this function implemented, you are investing in the future, because the capabilities of a smart home are constantly expanding.

Delivering reliable fridge repairs in the Toronto area our professional repairmen often encounter problems caused by a lack of the customer’s knowledge about hi-tech features their appliances have. Therefore, the explanation of some of them from a professional technician is indicated below.

The advanced technologies are coming to your kitchen

Traditionally, in many houses, the kitchen is a favorite gathering place for families. This place, as before, gives a feeling of coziness and comfort. Interestingly, the introduction of high technology into kitchen appliances maintains the tradition, also shifting priorities towards recreation, not work. Bosch Home Connect is a smart home appliance platform aimed at convincing customers to integrate new technologies into everyday family life.

The set of technological functions that it provides allows you to configure, remotely control, and actively use all essential household appliances.  Moreover, this can be done at a convenient time and in the preferred modes, regardless of whether you are at home or out. The Home Connect app works with Bosch and Siemens ovens, hobs, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee makers, and washing machines. The universal app allows you to control work, receive alerts, and automate certain processes with each device.

Bosch Home Connect refrigerators

Today, refrigerators with Home Connect features offer the user the following benefits:

  • adjusting the temperature in the chambers;
  • activating economical Vacation or Eco modes;
  • regulating lighting;
  • receiving an open door alert;
  • getting a notification about full ice container;
  • carrying out remote diagnostics of the device;
  • receiving information about the fridge contents (models with a camera).

The manufacturer is sensitive to the wishes and habits of customers adding additional smart functions, so the list of possibilities for the refrigerator cannot be considered closed. The procedure of synchronizing the refrigerator with the app is pretty simple. You need to put the device into connection mode, then connect your phone to it, and finally sync with Wi-Fi.

Using your smartphone, you can separately set the temperatures in the freezer and fridge rooms, as well as in the freshness zone. When you go to the store to buy food supplies, you can activate the Super Cool or Super Freeze modes directly from there. By the time when you return home, you could immediately put the food into the already cooled chambers.

Don’t spoil your food if the refrigerator fails

The situation when your fridge, full of recently bought food, unexpectedly stops running is familiar to many. Our Toronto appliance repair specialists have a clear understanding that fixing, in any case, should be performed as quickly as possible. Therefore, as a part of urgent repairs, we offer our customers same day repair in Toronto and GTA area. To ensure the good condition of your refrigerator content our handymen will put any effort to come to you, diagnose the problem, and eliminate it with no delay.

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