The most common malfunctions causing kitchen oven stops working


The most common malfunctions causing kitchen oven stops working

The oven is a very necessary and useful kitchen device without which modern life would be unthinkable. Indeed, thanks to this device, homemakers can quickly cook many tasty and healthy dishes for their families. Due to the high temperature inside the oven, you can bake and stew different foods. Such a way of heat treatment removes all excess fat from the food leaving useful vitamins and trace elements.

The kitchen oven is designed for a long period of use, also in a fairly intensive mode of operation. As a rule, the manufacturer gives the oven a service life ranging from five to seven years. But, if you use and take care of it correctly, also perform regular maintenance, then it can serve you much longer. But when you do not look after your household appliance, use it incorrectly or give heavy loads, the oven can malfunction much sooner requiring professional oven repair services in Toronto. And in this article, we will speak about the malfunctions that may arise during the operation of this device.

The heating element of the oven has been broken

The broken heating element is often a reason that oven stops working. This is quite understandable because it is used most intensively and has the greatest load. Let’s take a look at the reasons for this and how to solve this problem. The typical reasons for heating element fail are:

  • Aging of the material over time. The heating element itself is made of special heat-resistant steel, which contains special additives and coatings with anti-corrosion properties. The heating element is heated and cooled many times, and for this reason, the shell loses its original properties causing aging and material degradation. Although, today in the market there are heating elements much more durable than metal ones.
  • The heating element burned out. If you use the oven very often, then the heating element may fail due to overheating. Especially, if you often use high-temperature modes. Also, this is possible when you use a household appliance for a very long time, for example, you are preparing for a large-scale event and the oven is constantly in operation. Therefore, be careful and try not to put heavy loads on the oven for a long time to avoid oven repair.
  • The cause of the breakdown in an error during production, or the so-called manufacturing defect. In fact, manufacturing defects are very rare, but still not excluded. If during the diagnostics a factory defect is confirmed, then the heating element will be replaced for free under warranty.

Program failure

An electronic module responsible for the operation of all programs and modes of the device is installed in the oven at the factory. The control unit has such components as the motherboard, processor, and memory cards to store all programs developed by the manufacturer. The control unit is also subject to malfunction for various reasons. Power surges are the most harmful for its proper functioning. Sometimes it’s possible to reset the control unit by turning the oven off for some time but this is not always effective. The problem may arise inside the control module. In this case, it is necessary to use professional appliance repair in Toronto delivered by experienced oven repairman.

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