The hob does not switch off


The hob does not switch off

The situation when you can’t switch the kitchen appliance on is familiar to many homemakers. The situation when you can’t switch the device off may not be so common but this makes it no less unpleasant. The following malfunctions may cause the kitchen hob not turning off:

  • thermostat breakdown;
  • malfunction of the control module;
  • wiring burnout;
  • defective relay;
  • damage to the power cable, plug, or socket.

Having found that it’s impossible to turn off the hob you need to de-electrify the appliance and call Toronto appliance repair specialists to fix it.

Reasons for the hob not turning off

What often happens is that the hotplate does not respond to the switch and continues full-power heating. The frequent reasons are outlined below:

  • The problem is with the temperature controller. The stove repair is replacing the component.
  • The on/off buttons of the temperature regulator have broken. Need replacement of frequently required parts or buttons repair (cleaning).
  • Failure of the power relay of the electric stove, burnout, or sticking of its contacts. Contacttrained appliance repair professionals to eliminate this issue.
  • The thermal fuse is blown. The malfunction can be removed by the replacement of this part.

Why the hob refuses to turn on

The reverse situation, when the hob does not turn on, can be caused by the following malfunctions:

  • The thermostat of the electric stove is faulty. The stove repair Toronto means the replacement of the damaged component.
  • Initially, the hob may be incorrectly connected to the mains. The professional technician will reconnect it for the error-free operation of the appliance.
  • If one burner is not working properly and the rest work as usual, then the heating element may burn out in this particular burner. Stove repair is possible by replacing the part.
  • The control unit is defective. Repair or replacement of this unit is required.
  • The cooking zones may not turn on due to power surges. In this case, call express appliance repair Toronto.
  • The protective relay can fail due to different reasons. Professional stove repair in Torontoarea is necessary.
  • The electrical outlet, cord, or stove plug can also be damaged. You can eliminate these problems both yourself (if you understand the device of these parts) and with the help of our fixing specialists.

Useful tips about proper appliance use

To ensure the hob to serve for a long time without breakages you must follow the rules set out in the manufacturer’s instructions:

  • Do not mount the hob above the oven without a fan.
  • Do not use kitchenware with an uneven bottom.
  • Do not spill liquid on the surface of the hob.
  • All burners must not operate at maximum power at the same time.
  • Do not place dishes on the control unit if the hob uses touch controls.
  • Do not use abrasive detergents to clean the work surface of the hob. Use only special detergents recommended or made by the stove manufacturer.

The hob’s glass-ceramic is a resistant and durable material that, with proper care and handling, meets all the requirements and standards for hobs in the household. The glass-ceramic should be cleaned regularly, preferably after each cooking. The right choice of cookware, cleaning products, and the right tools will help you keep your hob looking great for a long time and effortlessly.

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