The freezer light is off


The freezer light is off

When faced with a situation where the freezer light is off, the first step is to check if there is an electric supply. The next step is to check the condition of the power cable, socket, and plug. If they are not damaged or deformed, the light bulb may be simply burned out and needs to be replaced. In the event that the replacement does not help, it is necessary to call a professional technician because the faulty cartridge or burned out contacts cause the problem.

Types and location of lighting devices

The technology development proceeded from simple to complex. Primitive heavy units have given way to high-tech freezer models. The lighting has also changed. The first models of freezers were not equipped with lamps. Then, incandescent lamps began to be built into the units. Nowadays, electronically controlled LED lamps are used for lighting.

Owners of old-style devices are often faced with the need to replace an incandescent lamp. This is due to the fact that the service life of this part is significantly lower than the resource of the freezing unit. Usually, small, low-power lamps can be found on the ceiling of the chamber, next to the thermostat.

When connecting the electrical circuit, the start-up relay is usually not activated so that the lighting does not interfere with the downtime of the compressor. There is a special button under the chamber door that opens the electrical circuit when the door is closed. Therefore, the backlight works only when the door is open. Thanks to this mechanism, electricity and the lamp resource are rationally consumed.

Looking through the characteristics of modern freezer models you can see the item LED (Light Emitting Diode). The service life of LED elements is much longer than that of incandescent lamps. Also, they are more resistant to humid air. Lighting control can be carried out using a button, special relays that track the opening of the door, microcontrollers.

Reasons for malfunction

If there is no light in the freezer and at the same time you cannot hear the sound of the motor, the reason may be a faulty outlet or plug. If the motor is running, there may be several reasons for lighting issues. No light does not necessarily indicate that fridge stops running.

Perhaps the backlight does not work because a light bulb just burned out. Also, the causes of the problem may be as follows:

  • wiring malfunction;
  • bulb holder breakage;
  • breakdown of the light switch in the unit;
  • breakdown of the thermostat which provides an additional contact to the light bulb;
  • malfunction of another device responsible for lighting.

How to act in this situation

If you find that it is dark inside the freezer, check for the electric supply in your home. Perhaps you have knocked out traffic jams or a machine gun. Besides, the entire house may be powered down. In this case, you need to solve the problem by lifting the switch on the dashboard.

If you can open the cover and you have a similar spare, replace the broken part with it. If the thermostat providing additional contact to the lamp breaks down you need to call Toronto appliance repair specialists to replace this part.

Sometimes the reason is the malfunction of the button that is turned on by pressing the door when opening the refrigerator. The button can sink, and the contact may be broken. The performance of this part can be restored with the help of professional fridge repair services in Toronto.

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