The dishwasher doesn’t heat water


The dishwasher doesn’t heat water

Heating problems are among frequent problems causing inconvenient situations due to the dishwasher doesn’t work properly. Having found that the dishwasher does not heat the water, first of all, check if the filter of the machine is not clogged and the correct operating mode is selected. The dishwasher may not heat the water for the following reasons:

  • heating element breakage;
  • thermostat malfunction;
  • electronic control unit failure.

These faults can occur due to power surges, hard water, and lack of preventive maintenance done by a professional technician. Replacing faulty parts requires Toronto appliance repair specialists involvement and it will cost more than fixing minor breakdowns.

In the case when the new dishwasher does not heat the water, it is recommended to check the connection of the device to water and electric supply, as the device may be connected incorrectly.

Reasons that the dishwasher won’t heat the water

The dishwasher may also refuse to heat the water the first time it is used. It is clear enough that the device can’t be broken, therefore, most likely, the reason is in the wrong installation. If the device is installed incorrectly, a siphon effect may occur. This is when the machine draws and drains water. You should not install the device by yourself, because you can harm the appliance and lead to more serious damage by your actions. Trust this task to trained appliance repair professionals with rich experience.

Incorrectly set modes are the most common reason why the dishwasher does not heat the water. When the heating mode indicator in the electromechanical device is at around 40 degrees, and the display shows 90, the unit will heat the water to no more than 40.

Dishwashers made by world-renowned companies such as Bosch, Ariston, Electrolux, Indesit, etc. have a delicate wash mode. If it is turned on, the unit will also not heat the water more than 40 degrees. To find out the nuances regarding the correct setting of the modes, you should read the operating manual before using the device.

The filter in the dishwasher is an important functional part that prevents dirt and debris from entering the working elements. Clean the dishes of food debris before loading. Food remnants accumulating in the filter causes problems with the water circulation in the device resulting heating element turning off. It is sufficient to clean the filter to resume the normal operation of the appliance.

Component malfunctions

So, you connected the dishwasher correctly, set the modes, cleaned the filter, but it still does not heat the water? The cause of a breakdown may be the failure of the following working parts of the device:

  • heating element;
  • thermostat (temperature controller);
  • a module that is responsible for controlling the device (main control unit).

In the process of performing tasks, the dishwasher uses the usual tap water which contains a huge amount of various impurities. After a while, scale forms on the working parts preventing the heating element from working properly. It cannot be repaired, so a replacement will be required.

Why you shouldn’t start repair work on your own? Without special knowledge and experience, you can harm the device by causing the dishwasher stops working completely. Let our competent repairmen get your appliances back to life if it fails. Our reliable dishwasher repairs in the Toronto area are available 7 days a week.

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