The dishwasher does not switch wash programs


The dishwasher does not switch wash programs

Most often, the dishwasher doesn’t work properly not switching wash modes due to an electronic malfunction caused by a power surge. Dishwashing machines from many manufacturers don’t allow changing the program if the wash cycle is already running. Also, the reason may be the aquastop activation.

The failure of the dishwasher to switch programs can also be affected by malfunctions, such as a breakdown of a heating element, motor, pump, or sensors. To determine the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it, you need to contact a professional appliance repair in Toronto delivering quality dishwasher repairs.

The most common source of why the dishwasher won’t switch programs

Both malfunctions and external factors can cause the dishwasher does not switch programs. Modern dishwashing machines, especially high-end dishwashers, are very sensitive to large slopes, and even a 5% slope can lead to problems with water draining.

If you notice that the device stuck while draining the water, it is possible that the drain to the sewer was incorrectly connected when installing the machine. The drain hose must either be connected through a special siphon or be attached to the sewer at a height of 50-60 cm from the floor.

Sometimes the wash cycle may stop at one of the program steps due to dishes overloading. You need to carefully observe the washing process. If it clearly gets stuck at the stage of draining the water, then one of the most common reasons is the clogging of the drain filter. This leads that water leaves the machine too slowly and washing is delayed greatly.

However, not only the drain filter can become clogged, but also the sewage system. In this case, you will usually have problems with draining water from other sewage connected devices including the standard kitchen sink.

Malfunctions causing the dishwasher stops working

A breakdown of the drain pump can also be a reason that water drains poorly.  If this component shows no signs of life, the control module will not start the wash. If the pump is operational, in general, but does not work well, the process of draining the water can take a long time. This is a complex breakdown, and only experienced Toronto appliance repair specialists with the necessary equipment for diagnostics can correctly repair the broken pump.

If it is impossible to fill in water or if the pressure is poor, the dishwasher control module may decide that it makes no sense to continue washing, and will either stop it or wait until the device is filled. There are a great many reasons that can lead to poor water supply:

  • poor pressure in the water supply system;
  • the main valve is closed;
  • the inlet hose is pinched;
  • the inlet filter is clogged;
  • the filling valve is faulty;
  • the water level sensor is broken;
  • the dishwasher circulating pump responsible for the water supply is out of order.

If somewhere inside the machine there is a water leak, the drain pump will try to pump it out, but due to the leak, water will come again. Unplug the device and check for leaks under the dishwasher. It is not easy to find the cause of the leak yourself so it is better to hire trained appliance repair professionals.

If you have temporarily disconnected the power supply during the washing cycle this can affect the control module and it will not be able to complete the program correctly. In such cases, disconnect the machine from the mains for a few minutes, and restart the wash.

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