The dishwasher does not clean the dishes


The dishwasher does not clean the dishes

If the dishwasher doesn’t work properly leaving the dishes dirty, you need to check that the washing program is set correctly. Also, make sure that the dishes are correctly placed inside the device. The choice of detergent also matters because if the detergent is not suitable, the dishwashing will not start.

An equally common reason for dishwasher cleaning issues is the owner’s failure to take preventive measures, such as regularly cleaning the device from food debris and small household waste.

If the dishwasher not only does not wash the dishes but also does not turn on, it is necessary to check the supply cords and hoses for damage and deformation. When all measures applied were ineffective, you need to call Toronto appliance repair specialists.

Typical reasons why the dishwasher won’t wash the dishes

Poor dishwashing can be caused by low water pressure on the spray mechanism. And the reason for the pressure decrease may be the gasket of the nut that secures the water hose to the spray nozzle. This gasket is located inside the retaining nut body that secures the rotating spray gun to the water inlet. The gasket may have simply lost its elastic properties. Then the seal will have to be replaced. You can navigate here to get the best gasket.

Dishwasher spray nut gaskets often cause dishes to remain dirty after a complete wash cycle. If it is necessary to replace the gasket, make sure that after removing the old gasket, no dirt or debris remains on the surface before placing the new seal. Dirt can cause a poor seal even with a new gasket.

Dishwasher sprays can be of different forms and locations inside the washing chamber. Moreover, depending on the model, one or more sprayers can be installed. These elements also can cause the dishwasher to malfunction if the appliance does not wash the dishes properly. The function of the sprayers is to evenly distribute hot water under pressure to the dishes loaded into the dishwasher tub. Make sure that the sprayer(s) rotates freely and the movement of the component is not slowed down by the loaded dishes.

The problem with the free movement of the dishwasher spray can arise in the event of bearing wear. If the bearing is worn or damaged, the sprayer will vibrate and will not work properly.

The following breakages may occur due to clogging of the spray holes:

  • low efficiency of the device;
  • low water pressure;
  • a change in the direction of spraying.

Such a malfunction is easily detected visually. It is also necessary to inspect the dishwasher spray(s) for cracks or clogged housing openings. The filter system of the dishwasher should be checked if it presents. On a top-spray dishwasher, inspect the sprayer mounting bracket to make sure it is not loose as this could cause the unit to malfunction.

Almost all dishwashers have one or more filters to remove food particles. These filters usually have a self-cleaning function but under certain conditions or in the case of using wrong detergents, their clogging is possible. The main filtration takes place in the circulation part of the dishwasher pump. Some filters need to be cleaned or replaced if necessary. Replacement as dishwasher repair is needed if the filter is torn or otherwise damaged.

No matter the reason why your dishwasher doesn’t clean the dishes it does not mean that you need to do it yourself. The involvement of our skilled repairmen delivering fast and professional dishwasher repair services in Toronto is the best way to fix the situation quickly bringing your kitchen helper back on road.

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