The built-in refrigerators and their features


The built-in refrigerators and their features

Our Toronto appliance repair specialists often face issues requiring professional fridge repair with different models of built-in refrigerators. Here we want to share some useful information about modern built-in refrigerators for those customers who are going to buy the new device.

These units are able to offer customers advanced food storage solutions, while perfectly fitting into the kitchen environment. The range of built-in appliances includes:

  • single and double chamber models;
  • side by side and French doors refrigerators;
  • freezers, and wine fridges.

Some manufacturers, for example, Siemens, offer modular built-in designs allowing customers to organize the storage area for food smartly and efficiently.

Selection by size and functionality

Before purchasing a built-in refrigerator the user should evaluate the size and configuration of the kitchen, as well as the habits and needs of the family. For a small kitchen and a small family of 1-2 members, a small built-in fridge-freezer may be enough.

Such small and space-saving models help are handy to have a basic set of products and store a small amount of ready-made food and drinks. Food and semi-finished products that are planned to be cooked and eaten in a not too distant time are usually put in freezers.

Owners of small kitchens needed to have more serious food supplies will also not experience big problems with organizing space. Single-compartment refrigerators of medium height will offer larger refrigerating chambers.

Considering the standard-sized kitchens and the habits of users, manufacturers offer a very wide range of built-in refrigerators with two separate chambers. You can choose them according to their height, the method of installing decorative panels, the size and volume of cameras, the presence of No Frost systems.

Advanced technology to maintain freshness

Advanced technologies are used by refrigeration equipment manufacturers in both stand-alone and built-in models. No Frost systems eliminate frost in freezers and condensation in refrigerated compartments. However, not all manufacturers consider them optimal for high-quality food storage.

For example, a well-known manufacturer Liebherr does not use No Frost in refrigerated compartments to maintain a natural moisture level. A number of their refrigerators use SmartFrost technology instead. Thanks to it the walls of the freezer and the foodstuff much less suffer from snow coat. Also, with this technology used the freezer does not require frequent defrosting. The foamed evaporator in the freezer ensures uniform cooling and helps to save energy.

In addition, for better and longer storage of food, modern built-in refrigerators are equipped with electronic controls and advanced technology for precise control of temperature, humidity, and air circulation. In Whirlpool refrigerators, 6th Sense Fresh Control technology ensures stable temperatures and humidity, which is beneficial for the freshness and shelf life of supplies.

The smartly selected built-in refrigerator will for sure become a nice decoration and necessary tool in your kitchen. Generally, modern devices are reliable and reasonable in cost. However, don’t worry if your fridge stops running someday as our trained appliance repair professionals are ready to cover you by delivering reliable fridge repairs in the Toronto area.

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