Refrigerator moving secrets and aspects


Refrigerator moving secrets and aspects

How to transport a refrigerator is a problem faced by the owners of newly purchased appliances, as well as used units. The cooling system, which is sensitive to vibration, shocks, and temperature extremes may cause the refrigerator fails if delivered incorrectly. Also, there are requirements for the placement of the fridge freezer in the truck, its position, and the speed limit.

Below are outlined several essential aspects and tips about safe refrigerator moving gathered by our Toronto appliance repair experts throughout the years of delivering professional refrigerator repairs.

Refrigerator transportation features

The proper transporting of the refrigeration unit requires careful initial preparations and reading the manufacturer’s manual. Usually, the manufacturer indicates the possible options for moving the device, specifies whether it can be laid on its side, the location of the most vulnerable components like pipes and compressor. If the factory documentation is lost or doesn’t contain the necessary information, follow these basic transportation rules:

  • To reduce the risk of fridge breakage vertical position is preferred.
  • The horizontal position is accepted but not recommended. In this case, the pipes with coolant should be directed straight up.
  • Avoid taking the appliance by the handles or doors while loading and unloading because of a high risk of tearing off parts.
  • The compressor must be tightly fixed with special bolts and tools.
  • Whether the refrigerator is transported in a horizontal or vertical position, the removable components must be removed, packed, and transported separately. If you have no opportunity to remove them, you need to fix them reliable inside the unit isolating from each other by a special protective material.
  • The unit should be reliably fixed inside the car to prevent it from moving while driving.
  • The high speed, sudden braking, jerking, driving on a poor-quality road are unacceptable.

To avoid breakdowns with subsequent need for a professional fridge repair the main task when moving is to prevent the unit from falling, strong vibration, exposure to low or high temperatures.

Malfunctions that can occur if the refrigerator is incorrectly transported

Careless handling of sensitive appliances can lead to breakdowns and your fridge stops running after the move, as suggested by Green Van Lines. Incorrect transportation, loading/unloading, lack of tight fixation in the car may cause the following device failures:

  • the appearance of cracks in coolant pipes, their rupture;
  • failure of the motor spring due to non-fixed moving parts;
  • refrigerant leakage due to incorrect position;
  • cracks and chips on the body of the unit, excessive noise while working, problems with switching on/off, overheating mean that the refrigerator fell on the way;
  • high speed of transportation causes mixing of working fluids (coolant and motor oil).

If your fridge doesn’t work properly, regardless of the malfunction caused this situation, our trained appliance repair professionals can deliver fast and affordable diagnostic, maintenance, and fixing procedures. The assistance of the skilled repairmen offering professional fridge repair services in Toronto and GTA area is available to our customers 24/7. Trust our Toronto appliance repair specialists to get your appliances back to life after transportation.

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