Refrigerator antibacterial coating for protecting food and your health


Refrigerator antibacterial coating for protecting food and your health

Our Toronto appliance repair experts are often asked about fridge antibacterial coating. This is a special coating with silver content on the walls of the refrigerator compartment. It prevents the formation of bacteria, fungi, mold, and their spread inside the household appliance. Also, it provides the right environment necessary for storing food and does not lose its bactericidal properties throughout the entire service life of the household appliance.

Microorganisms, including pathogen ones, get into the refrigerator all the time. A person, laying out freshly purchased products or taking out previously prepared dishes, touching the shelves or walls of the chamber with his hands actually creates foci of the bacteria spread in the places of contact.

Food packaging, which is far from sterile, also causes the same. A low temperature (from 0 to +5 degrees) does not guarantee that the entered microorganisms will certainly die and stop reproducing under the influence of cold. This process will not stop but slow down only.

Harmful microorganisms may also present inside the appliance. They initiate the formation of mold that can develop even with low temperatures. This fungal culture not only makes food unusable but also spoils the walls of the refrigerator.

How does the antibacterial coating fight germs?

Silver spraying on the inner surface of the freezer compartments reduces the growth of the number of dangerous bacteria and microorganisms and their migration. Its layer is insignificant, about 70-100 microns. World-renowned refrigerator manufacturers have their approach to solving this problem, so the consumer can choose kitchen appliance that uses certain technical innovations:

  • The Electrolux refrigerators are equipped with the ABC Sanitized technology. The inner walls of the chamber are covered with a transparent ceramic layer containing silver particles. Metal ions come into contact with microbes and disrupt the process of their reproduction.
  • The well-known German company Bosch is proud of their AgIon development. Silver coating is dispersed over a polymer film on the surface of the compartment where food is stored. Charged metal particles being in contact with harmful microorganisms destroy their shells make them impossible to breathe and reproduce. The technology allows destroying such types of pathogenic bacteria as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Streptococcus.
  • Silver Nano belongs to the South Korean Samsung technology. Its purpose is the same. i.e. preventing the formation of harmful microorganisms in the refrigerator.

All these developments, which are based on the antiseptic properties of silver, ensure high-quality storage of food supplies, and therefore, reduce the risk of infections that cause food poisoning. However, it is also worth remembering that some foodstuff must be very thoroughly cooked (meat, as an example) while others (perishable) should be consumed before their expiration date. With this approach, there will be no reason to worry about your health.

It is also essential do not ignore any signs indicating that your fridge doesn’t work properly. This may cause breakage of your unit, as well as fast spoiling of your foodstuff. In this case, professional fridge repair services in Toronto delivered by trained appliance repair professionals are the best way out to avoid serious harm to your appliance and health.

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