Random facts about household appliances


Random facts about household appliances

Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service specializes in professional household appliance repair and maintenance, delivering highly-efficient procedures and personal assistance. Apart from that, our trained appliance repair professionals are here to share some interesting and random facts about various household units you may not be aware of. Not only do we provide fast appliance repair Toronto but also dig into the history to find out more about the devices we use today, and sometimes underestimate.

Random facts about household units

  • Egypt, Israel, and Rome used brick ovens in the past, which allowed them to prepare basic meals, such as bread. The design is very similar to the one developed today for preparing pizza at Italian restaurants.
  • In Colonial America, women learned how to modify the temperature when preparing meals in the very first cooking ovens. What they did was monitoring the ratio of burnt wood. They could also open the door to decrease the oven temperature if they considered it necessary.
  • England was the first one to use gas for preparing food.
  • In 1795, people already used a few kitchen ovens to cook the meals, and those ovens had the same source of heat (fire).
  • Electric kitchen stoves are available in different varieties today. It is one of the commonly used kitchen appliances with a wide range of cooktops, following different heating methods.
  • The electric kitchen stove, in fact, was invented around 1893.
  • Electric stoves, as well as ovens, heat and prepare the food more evenly in comparison to the models that operate on gas.

A few random facts about stoves in general

Here are a few random facts related to stoves as one of the most popular inventions of all time.

  • The word “stove” itself means “a heated room”.
  • Wood burning stoves are considered to pollute the air as they usually give off a huge amount of gas and smoke.
  • The very first enclosed stove was invented in 1735.
  • The very first metal stove for cooking was invented in the 19th However, it was too heavy to be installed in the house of a resident.
  • There has been a wide range of stoves invented in the past, and the electric kitchen stove is one of them.
  • One of the main advantages of using a stove is that you can easily control the heat in comparison to doing the same with an open fire.
  • A stove is used to cook the food, and heat the house, depending on what type you are going for.
  • It is believed that corn pellets and wood pellets can generate the same amount of heat in the stove.

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