Oven repair in case of internal parts failure and malfunction


Oven repair in case of internal parts failure and malfunction

An oven is a necessary appliance for any housekeeper. Whatever the reason, oven repair can be carried out only with the use of professional equipment and having a special knowledge for this type of work. Do not try to repair the oven yourself as it can be dangerous. The most common reason for the oven stops working is the human element, however, there are typical malfunctions, which are caused by improper operating conditions and other reasons beyond the user’s control.

The breakdown of the temperature sensor

This is one of the common causes of why the oven doesn’t work properly. A temperature bimetallic sensor is necessary to break the circuit and thereby prevent the biggest problems if the temperature in the oven rises significantly. If the temperature sensor is out of order, the oven will be permanently off. Alternatively, the temperature sensor circuit may still be open. This can only be checked with special testing equipment.

The thermocouple fails

Each oven has a thermocouple. It is located at the bottom of the oven and can be seen if you open the oven door. It looks like a wire that is attached to a heating element. If the oven is constantly operating at high temperatures, the thermocouple can be damaged and must be replaced. Please note that the thermocouple is one of the frequently required parts and cannot be restored.

The thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is a component that does not fail often, but it is still possible. There are two types of thermostats: electronic-mechanical and electronic. This part of the device is responsible for the temperature inside the oven. And if the thermostat does not work correctly or does not work at all, then this will affect the quality of the prepared dishes. In the case of thermostat failure, a replacement is urgently required. And to make sure that the problem is exactly with the thermostat, you should do the following:

  • Take an oven thermometer and put it inside the oven.
  • Use the regulator to set the minimum temperature setting.
  • After a few minutes, the thermostat should do its job and turn off the heating elements of the oven.
  • You need to compare the temperature on the thermometer with regulator settings.
  • If they differ by ten degrees and over, then this means that the thermostat is not working correctly and must be replaced.

The control panel is damaged

The control panel, or in other words the programmer, is an essential part of every oven, especially the latest models. Its main task is to control the operation of the oven. Actually, modern kitchen ovens are very delicate devices sensitive to voltage surges. The control board may easily burn out at even medium voltage surges. Also, it may be damaged or malfunction if the installation is incorrect. As you understand such a part cannot be repaired, a complete replacement is required. To prevent this from happening and you do not have to buy a new control panel, entrust the installation of the oven to Toronto appliance repair specialists.

Faulty switches

The switch is the key element of the oven’s electrical circuit. Its location is behind the heating control knob. Usually, it can become unusable due to a short circuit or wear. In this case, the circuit is broken and the signal is not sent to the heating elements, respectively, the oven does not heat. The process of switch replacement does not seem to be complicated, but certain knowledge and a special tool are still needed. Thus, oven repair services in Toronto expert involvement is preferred.

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