Minor dishwasher problems and DIY solutions


Minor dishwasher problems and DIY solutions

Most often the dishwasher doesn’t work properly because before loading the dishes into the appliance they are not completely cleaned of food residues. Despite the presence of the filters the food still clogs the drain and dispensers. Such blockages are the reason that water pressure in the device drops and the dishes are not washed as they should. A guideline from dishwasher repairmen will help you to perform simple dishwasher repair at home.

The drain filter cleaning

If we consider dishwashers of different manufacturers and models, they all have a drain filter located in the same place and it has almost the same appearance, despite that the dishwasher models may be completely different. The drain filter is not a simple part. This is a whole working unit including several components:

  • fine-mesh internal fine filter;
  • internal coarse filter;
  • external filter mesh;
  • related details.

It is not difficult to find a filter in the dishwashing machine. If you remove all baskets, you will see a filter located at the bottom of the chamber under the sprinkler. It looks like a glass that sticks out of the bottom of the dishwasher. It is not difficult to get it: either simply pull out of the socket, or twist clockwise.

However, pay attention that before you start any dishwashing repair procedure including filter cleaning, be sure to disconnect the device from the mains and wipe off any wastewater at the bottom of the chamber. Then you can remove the drain filter and start cleaning it. The filter can be easily disassembled, and all its components should be thoroughly washed under running water. Chemicals can also be used for cleaning, but only if the filter is very dirty. Brushes can be used for cleaning but very carefully.

If the filter is too dirty, then it can be put in the water for several hours and washed after. But, to avoid any problems with cleaning the filter needs to be cleaned regularly. Be careful! If, when cleaning the drain filter, you notice even minor damage on it, it must be replaced with a new one. Feel free to call our Toronto appliance repair specialists as they are always equipped with all necessary repair tools and frequently required parts.

Cleaning the water intake filter

If we compare the dishwasher water intake filter with a drain filter, then, the intake one gets clogged less often. But despite this, maintenance of this component is still necessary including periodic checking and cleaning. How often the intake filter gets clogged depends on the quality of the water used to wash the dishes in the dishwasher.

If the water is dirty and hard, the filter will clog more often requiring frequent cleaning. If the water intake filter is clogged, the dishwasher inlet valve will not work as it should. Also, dishwashing performance becomes worse because of hard water that tends to clog the water sprinklers. Therefore, do not spare money on water softeners. However, remember that they must be used in the appliance immediately from the first dishwasher cycle.

Of course, the procedure of cleaning the intake filter is quite simple and can be done on your own, but there are emergencies and more complicated breakages when you simply cannot do without the help of trained appliance repair professionals. If you need, don’t hesitate to contact our fixing experts delivering fast and affordable dishwasher repair services in Toronto and GTA.

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