Liquid VS powder detergent for washing machine


Liquid VS powder detergent for washing machine

Today, the number of liquid detergents in the market is significantly higher than conventional powder ones. Sometimes washer’ owners wonder, what type of detergent is better for use and could the wrong one be a reason that washer doesn’t work properly? From the point of view of the professional technician, the cleansing agent creates the working environment which undoubtedly has an impact on all components and parts of the washing machine. All laundry detergents can be divided into three types:

  • conventional washing powder;
  • paste;
  • liquid detergent (washing gel).

If you do laundry at low temperatures and don’t use bleaches you can use liquid detergent as its best working temperature range is +40…60ºС. If you need to wash your laundry at a higher temperature, then in order to remove the dirt you have to use washing powder.

Features of liquid washing substances

The main advantages of liquid powders are:

  • gentle laundry care;
  • excellent solubility in water;
  • the ability to remove protein stains and easy dosing.

However, the key strength is that liquid detergents do not spread their little pieces around the house at the moment they are added into the machine. Therefore, such products are recommended for people with allergies to washing powders.

But there are also several disadvantages to their use:

  • liquid cleaners are intended for lightly contaminated clothing only;
  • the shelf life of such detergents is not as long as powdery;
  • liquid cleansing agents don’t contain components that would prevent the appearance of scale on the heating element of the washing machine, so the heating element can fail very quickly;
  • liquid washing substances do not have the ability to remove oil and other greasy stains;
  • the cost of liquid detergents is much higher than powdered ones.

So, we can conclude that the use of washing gels is beneficial only if you use the washing machine every day at low temperatures, in other cases, it is better to buy conventional powders.

Washer using frequently asked questions

The specialists of washer repair services in Toronto and GTA are often asked the same questions about the care of washing machines and their operation. Let’s look at some of them and try to answer them.

What is better, top or front-loaders?

The quality and reliability of both types of washers are almost the same. Thus, when choosing a washing machine, you need to take into account your own requirements and possibilities (place of installation, design, etc.). But still, there are some nuances when operating machines with a vertical load. For example, if you leave the door open, there is a possibility that any foreign objects will get into the machine. After loading the laundry into the machine, carefully close the flaps of the drum, as they may open during washing.

Is it possible to move the washer for cleaning?

Of course, it is but just make sure that all hoses are not damaged or too tight.

How often can I use my washing machine?

The answer to this question can be found in the operating manual for your particular model of the washing machine. But, as a rule, the washing machine can be used no more than two times a day, with a break of several hours.

If you get any questions or faced with washer malfunction, don’t hesitate to contact our trained appliance repair professionals that can fix everything.

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