Issues with a washing machine not opening the door


Issues with a washing machine not opening the door

The washer doesn’t work properly and refuses to open the door at the end of the program, stopping at one of the steps or not even starting the wash. Probably this situation is familiar to many people. So, what to do in this case, and what kind of washer repair is necessary?

First, make sure there is no water in the drum. The device may unlock the door after a few minutes. In the event that water remains in the machine, you need to start a drain cycle, and if this does not help, the washing machine must be disconnected from the mains for 20-30 minutes and then turned on again. These actions will help to eliminate malfunctioning of the electronic control board.

In most cases, the washing machine does not open due to a malfunction of the door locking device, which must be replaced, or due to a broken handle. In many models of washing machines, it is possible to forcibly open the door in case of a breakdown. To open it, just pull on the wire next to the drain filter. To open the device, where this function is not provided, you need to call Toronto appliance repair specialists, since in this case, it is necessary to disassemble the washing machine completely.

Possible reasons for blocking the door of the washing machine

If the washing program has ended and the door still remains locked, then do not panic. In most washing machine models, the hatch does not open immediately after the end of the washing program, but after 1-3 minutes. This is done for security purposes.

The second reason for blocking is that the drum heats up during the washing cycle from a high water temperature. The door lock heats up too. You need to wait a few minutes after the end of the wash before opening the door. If, after opening the door, the laundry in the machine remains wet, the problem is spinning.

The washing machine door does not open after a power surge or power outage in the house. This situation happens quite often, and manufacturers have provided the opportunity to protect users in the event of power problems. To be able to open the door, you need to restart any program after the power supply is restored, for example, spinning the laundry or draining the water. The hatch will then be unlocked.

One of the reasons for blocking the door is that there is still water in the drum. Less common is the situation when the hatch handle or the door locking device are broken. A door lock problem can also occur if the water level sensor does not give a correct signal. The machine thinks that there is water inside the tank, although it is no longer there. In this case, the water level sensor must be replaced. A similar problem can arise in the case of malfunctioning of the control unit.

How to DIY unlock the washing machine door

In a situation with a breakdown of any of the frequently required parts that led to the blocking of the door, you must first open the blocked hatch. Since the device cannot do this automatically you will have to do this manually.

To do this, you need:

  • to stick your hand from the bottom or top of the washing machine,
  • find the door lock;
  • unlock it (you need to remove the top cover by unscrewing the two bolts at the back and sliding it away from you).

It’s not recommended to do this if you are not sure how everything works. In this case better trust all fixing operations to trained appliance repair professionals delivering proficient washer repair services in Toronto.

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