How we do provide professional stove repair


How we do provide professional stove repair

Glass-ceramic electric cookers are gaining popularity among consumers of kitchen appliances due to their innovativeness and convenience of use. However, different malfunctions and breakdowns may occur during the operation of the stove, like any other kitchen appliance. An electric stove is a household appliance of complex construction requiring specific knowledge and skills from our professional technician delivering reliable stove repair services in Toronto.

First, it is necessary to be aware of the design features of an electric stove. The main components of this device are:

  • electric hotplate;
  • supply contacts;
  • control panel;
  • temperature sensor;
  • oven/grill heating element;
  • fan motor;
  • power cable;
  • insulating material.

Modern models of electric cookers are available with built-in hotplates. The standard hob has 4 hotplates, the budget option, only 2.

The main types of burners are as follows:

  • Rapid electric heating hotplates. They are the most common and widely used types of burners. The heating element is made from nickel and chromium (nichrome). The advantages of these components allow you to quickly heat up the cooking zone to the maximum limits within 10-12 seconds.
  • Hotplates with tubular heating elements.
  • Halogen heating element.

Modern electric stoves are usually equipped with an oven and an electric grill. The design features are more complex than for a stand-alone built-in hob. If the grill motor breaks down, the system automatically cuts off the power supply to the heating element, which avoids excessive overheating of the plate.

The most frequently occurred electric stove issues

The following are the most likely causes of breakdowns and malfunctions of the electric stove that our Toronto appliance repair specialists face:

  • The electric stove stops working not turning on. It occurs when the contacts in the junction box of the device are broken, the heating element is completely or partially burned out, the power supply is absent.
  • Cord and plug defects. The main cause of this problem is a kink or break at the junction of the cord with the plug.
  • Wiring fire or short circuit. This issue most often occurs when the stove is incorrectly installed and the operating rules are not followed, a dish with an unsuitable diameter or an uneven bottom is used, the stove is turned on with no dishes.
  • The cooking time on the hob has increased. A technical malfunction is the wear of the heat-carrying conductor (nichrome), as a result of this, a power breakdown between the burner and the grounded body of the stove occurs.
  • Burner malfunction. The reason for the breakdown is the switches. With prolonged exposure to high temperatures, their elasticity is lost leading to the contacts break.

Each user should understand that modern household appliances are filled with electronics. Each model has its own manufacturing and control feature, whether mechanical or electronic. Stove repair attempts without special knowledge and skills can negatively affect the components and frequently required parts of electric stoves. Trust this task to genuine pros equipped with all the necessary tools and experience. They will quickly diagnose the cause of your stove doesn’t work properly and fix it.

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