How to find the Handwash sign on your washer


How to find the Handwash sign on your washer

The “handwash” sign, which can often be found on a washing machine, means that the appliance supports this program. It is necessary to gently wash clothes made of delicate fabrics. This function is used to work with clothes having sequins or rhinestones, for natural woolen fabrics, as well as for lace. If you apply standard washing, such items can tear, change shape, and generally lose their natural appearance. Our Toronto appliance repair experts are often asked how to recognize the specified sign? What does it look like?

What symbol should you look for?

Some models of washing machines have the word handwash on the front panel, so you do not have to search and recognize any symbols. But often, the manufacturers use graphic signs to indicate wash modes, since this option greatly saves space on the panel. But everything is not so difficult because the sign meaning handwash is very easy to find out even without studying the manual.

This is an image of a basin with a hand in it. Other variants of the image are not used, so it is impossible to confuse it. Sometimes a program for washing wool is shown with the same symbol but in most cases, the mode is called “handwash/wool”. The combination of these two programs is due to having the same drum rotation algorithm.

How does the program work

Such a washing program is very different from all others in the following parameters:

  • very low drum rotation speed;
  • a large amount of water is taking into the machine;
  • the water heating temperature will not be higher than 40C;
  • the total absence of spinning or it has a very low speed.

Sometimes the washing machine provides an additional rinse function. A large amount of water helps to better remove laundry detergent from the fabric. Low heating temperatures preserve the original color of the clothes. Typically, using this washing program takes a little over an hour. However, the duration of a “handwash” cycle depends on a number of factors:

  • washer model;
  • the load of the device;
  • the pressure when the water enters the unit;
  • set heating mode;
  • how dirty the laundry is;
  • the presence of the pre-wash function.

Usually, the instructions for the appliance specify the possible load. Usually, this program allows no more than half of the maximum possible load. During operation, the drum moves smoothly and evenly, with frequent stops. This helps to keep delicate items intact without crushing or stretching. Often the unit independently disables the spin option and does not allow it to be manually turned on.

When this program can be used

This option is designed to work with those fabrics that can be damaged by hot water or intense mechanical stress. This mode should be used to wash items that have a symbol prohibiting automatic washing on the tags or a sign that recommends hand washing. The list of these fabrics includes those that can easily tear, deform, lose color, or change the size:

  • silk;
  • wool;
  • viscose.

Often such a program is used to wash shoes if the washer does not provide a special program for these needs. Also “handwash” is suitable for dealing with underwear, tights, trousers, and suits, down jackets and coats, clothes with delicate and fragile decorative elements, with tulle or organza curtains.

If you have a problem with the handwash option or your washer doesn’t work properly by any reason, you can always contact our trained appliance repair professionals. We offer fast and reliable washer repairs in the Toronto area to keep your device on road.

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