How to choose the right oven: electric or gas-powered


How to choose the right oven: electric or gas-powered

Each house is full of comfort and warmth with a pleasant and aromatic smell of baked bread or meat. Each housekeeper has her own specialties and some small secrets for cooking a particular dish. And, of course, she equips her kitchen room, as it is convenient for her. Household appliances are also selected according to the needs of each housewife. This also applies to kitchen ovens because they are also chosen individually and each user has its own requirements for this household appliance. However, nobody wants even to imagine the situation when the newly bought unit becomes faulty home appliance requiring fast and professional repairs. Therefore, it would be useful to know how to make the right choice, and what to look for when choosing such a necessary device? Our Toronto appliance repair specialists have many years of experience working with all models and makers and we are ready to share our knowledge with you.

Gas oven features

The first thing that comes to the mind of everyone who is going to buy an oven is, the power source: gas or electricity? Generally, everyone has their own preferences but it’s possible to figure out the difference between them and highlight both the strong and weak sides of each.

Gas ovens are lagged significantly behind the electric ones for a number of reasons. The main is that the gas burner is located at the bottom. This way, when baking food it is difficult to achieve an even temperature distribution. And this is probably the biggest disadvantage in such ovens even despite the presence of a special fan in the new models.

Also, when buying a gas oven, you need to understand that everything must be safe. That is, when buying, you need to pay attention if it has a gas control device. This function is absolutely essential because it will keep you safe. When the flame goes out, the gas control cuts off the gas supply and there will be no bad consequences.

Moreover, such a device should be installed in your kitchen by certified and trained oven technician to ensure the safety of its use.

The advantages of gas ovens include:

  • ease of use and maintenance;
  • no heavy load on the electrical grid;
  • the oven can be operated from a conventional gas cylinder, so it is ideal for use in the cabin, RVs and campers;
  • reasonable price.

Electric ovens

Electric ovens are much more technologically advanced when compared to gas units. Heating elements are located at the top and bottom of the oven which allows the temperature to be evenly distributed throughout the chamber. Electric ovens are safer to use than their gas-powered counterparts. And a large selection allows you to choose exactly the model that meets all your requirements, not only functionally, but also perfectly fits into the interior of your kitchen.

Positive aspects of electric ovens:

  • the most advanced and accessible functionality;
  • the temperature is evenly distributed in the inside of the appliance;
  • a large selection of different models;
  • safer when compared to a gas device.

To ensure the safety of use and proper operation it’s better if the electric oven is installed by a skilled and professional technician. If something is going wrong, our experienced repairmen are ready to fix any malfunctions providing speedy oven repairs anywhere in the Toronto and GTA area whether you use the electric or gas-powered unit.

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