How best preserve food in the refrigerator


How best preserve food in the refrigerator

To keep our food quality, tasty, and safe, the refrigerator must be cold and clean. This seems to be a perfectly obvious thing. But are you sure you know how to determine if everything is in order in its microclimate? Our professional appliance repair in Toronto technicians often face different situations when the fridge doesn’t work properly because of incorrect operation. Several useful tips on how to prevent the major breakdowns from them are below.

The perfect temperature inside the fridge

All refrigerator owners should take into account that the temperature always slightly varies due to the refrigerator working conditions. It may depend on the load of the cameras, room temperature, mains voltage. So, you shouldn’t panic about rare and minor increases. Only regular and significant temperature rises can be dangerous. In this case, your device may need professional fridge repair services in Toronto, or it’s time to think about purchasing a new unit. Using a refrigerator that does not cool or freezes properly is a health risk!

It is also important that different parts of the chambers have different temperatures. Make sure that each section is cooled enough to keep food fresh. The temperature in the compartments rises:

  • after loading a large portion of fresh food from the store;
  • putting warm dishes inside;
  • when the door is open for a long time;
  • after a power outage.

To reduce the negative effects, you need to quickly cool the chamber. Many modern refrigerators have a special super-cooling function for this.

How to keep the refrigerator cold?

Once you have set the refrigeration and freezing to the correct temperatures, it is important to maintain a healthy microclimate in the refrigerator.

Only open the doors when it is necessary

It is clear that the highest risk zone is single door refrigerators. Even to get some little things, you have to run warm air into the entire chamber. The most convenient is multi-door refrigerators, especially French Door models with upper swing doors. In this case, in order to get what you need, you can open only one door. Refrigerators with minibars behind separate doors keep temperatures even better, as in LG and Samsung. In them, frequently demanded products can be taken out without letting heat into the main chamber. LG InstaView models don’t even need to open the door to check the contents of the refrigerator. It can become transparent so that everything is visible. Refrigerators with built-in cameras will show you the contents of the shelves on your smartphone screen, you don’t even have to go into the kitchen!

Make sure the door seals are in good condition and fit tightly

Doors should be closed as tightly as possible. This helps to reduce energy consumption for cooling, prevents warm air from entering the chamber, and mold does not form on the seal. In many refrigerators, manufacturers use antibacterial seals. High-end refrigerators have door closers. Test: if you can open the door with one finger, then the seal is not doing its job. If so, call our Toronto appliance repair specialists and let them fix it.

Use the optimal capacity device

It is not cost-effective to cool an empty refrigerator, so choose the option exactly for the needs of the family. The food itself in the refrigerator serves as cold accumulators so that items are mutually cooled and ensure an even temperature in the compartment. When filling the refrigerator, do not overload it. Leave enough space for air circulation.

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