Fun and unexpected facts about refrigerators


Fun and unexpected facts about refrigerators

Our history is always full of various facts related to the routine things we tend to use in our lives, which include fabulous refrigerator facts. Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service shares interesting things you may not know about one of the most common kitchen appliances. We are convinced that to be able to know how your device functions, it is always good to know more about the mentioned device itself and how it, all its earlier alternatives, was used in the past.

Fun facts about kitchen refrigerator

Our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area is glad to share the following unexpected refrigerator facts:

  • Do you know that there is a National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November the 15th?
  • Modern refrigerators feature the so-called crisper drawer. The name of the drawer says it all, it is used for keeping fresh fruits and vegetables under certain humidity levels that allow them to remain “crispy”.
  • Albert Einstein is considered the co-inventor of the modern refrigerator. He got this idea randomly after having read about the family that had been killed by leaking fridge coolant. At the beginning of the 20th century coolants but they were very toxic. Albert, alongside one of his former students, decided to create a single-pressure absorption fridge.
  • The brine is often used as a simple food preservative. It was “founded” in Medieval times when people found out that saltwater actually absorbs all the heat, keeping the food cool.
  • At the very beginning of the 21st century, Olaf Diegel who was suffering from diabetes invented the tiny refrigerator you could put inside your pocket. The mini-fridge’s purpose was carrying insulin on trips.
  • There is a man who invented the small refrigerator that features a remotely controlled beer can extractor, as well as the catapult, for delivering beer cans.
  • To be able to receive a so-called Energy Star, a modern refrigerator ought to use at least 15% less energy than usual.
  • There is a woman from Nevada, better known as The Magnet Lady. She is considered to have more than 32,000 various magnets on her refrigerator.

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