Features of dishwasher half load mode


Features of dishwasher half load mode

Reading the technical parameters of dishwashers in the stores, you may come across such a useful option as half load. Understanding the principle of its operation will allow you to determine whether there is a need for such an addition to the functionality of your dishwashing machine. The trained appliance repair professionals from our company are ready to reveal all secrets and features for you.

Half Load Mode, what is it?

The half load option allows you to wash fewer dishes in one cycle while reducing the consumption of water, washing detergent, and electricity. Therefore, now the user does not need to wait until the basket is fully loaded. If you partially fill the chamber in a dishwasher that does not have this option, the device will use resources as usual. Thus, no savings would be achieved. So, what is the convenience? There are several positive aspects:

  • There is no need to wait until a sufficient volume of dirty dishes has been collected.
  • Water is saved, as it is used much less than when the chamber is fully loaded.
  • Less electricity is required due to less water that needs to be heated.

It is important to know! In modern expensive dishwasher models, manufacturers have bypassed the half load option by adding special sensors to the main design. These sensors determine how dirty the dishes are and calculate the weight. According to these parameters, the required amount of resources is calculated. Therefore, if you see an expensive model in the store, and you did not find the 1/2 option, just ask the manager if this is compensated by the intellectual functions of the dishwasher.

Normally, almost every model of the middle price segment has a half load function. Usually, it can be used in the main wash cycles: Heavy Load, Delicate, or Quick Clean.

Advantages and disadvantages

So, you already know what half-load means. Now it is necessary to understand whether you need such an option. Consider the benefits:

  • half mode saves water and electricity;
  • the washing program runs faster;
  • no need to accumulate a pile of dirty dishes, as you can wash a small number of the plates immediately after breakfast, lunch, etc.

However, this function also has some disadvantages related to the use of universal 3 in 1tablets or liquid capsules. They are usually designed for a standard-mode washing and may not fully dissolve in a short program. If the liquid capsules have to be postponed until a full-length wash, then the tablets can be dispensed manually by sawing them in half.

This mode will undoubtedly bring many benefits to a small family or people with a habit of not putting off washing dishes until later. If frequent washing is not about you, and you are used to loading the device to the top, perhaps the half function will remain unused, and there is no point in spending money on it. In this case, do not overpay for what you may not need.

Reliable dishwasher repairs in the Toronto area

The dishwasher can fail for various reasons, including technical problems, violation of operating conditions, voltage drops, overheating, incorrect installation, etc. But regardless of the breakdown reasons, dishwasher repair in Toronto must be carried out quickly, efficiently, and at the best price as these are the most important principles of our work. Our Toronto appliance repair specialists will provide you with all the necessary information about the dishwasher repair, agree on a convenient time for the technician to arrive, and provide an individual approach to each client!

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