Fascinating facts about dishwashing machines


Fascinating facts about dishwashing machines

Through the years people got used to thinking of a dishwashing machine as a kitchen appliance that wastes too much water, preferring washing all the dishes manually. But modern dishwashers are quite opposite of this common disbelief. We all love food but not every one of us really enjoys cleaning the dishes afterward. But how much do you know about this essential kitchen device? Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service has found out many fascinating facts related to the dishwashers of all time. They will definitely change the way you perceive this gadget.

Interesting facts about dishwashing machines you did not know before

  • The very first dishwashing machines were considered hand-operated, which means that they did not wash the dishes automatically. Instead, the operators had to turn the hand crank manually so as to move the dishes that were being sprayed with hot water in the meantime.
  • The first dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane at the end of the 19th She later became the inventor of the well-known company KitchenAid as she began producing dishwashers within her own company. The reason why Cochrane invented such a useful device was that her servants would accidentally chip her fine china while washing it.
  • The majority of people waste time on pre-washing dirty dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. With modern kitchen units, there is no need to do so.
  • The vast number of dishwasher owners do not realize that a dishwashing machine has a garbage disposal that needs to be cleaned before running the cycle again. Otherwise, all the food debris will block the drain line.
  • Today, major companies produce dishwashers with two drawers, so that you can wash your dishes separately. If you have smaller loads to be cleaned, dishwashing machines with independent drawers are the perfect choice for your kitchen.
  • One of the basic and most efficient ways of having your dishes thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher lays in the way you put them inside the device. Make sure to place the items, allowing them to face downwards to ensure proper water drainage.
  • Surprisingly, the dishwashing machine is not just a unit that washes dirty dishes only. There are loads of dishwasher-friendly items, such as lunch boxes, sports caps, toothbrushes. Some people even put their flip flops to get them properly cleaned.
  • The invention of Josephine Cochrane was perfect, but the first dishwasher ever sold to the public appeared only 60 years later. Before that, Cochrane’s invention was purchased by hotels and restaurants that could afford such a kitchen appliance.
  • Hand-washing consumes much more water in comparison to the amount of the same in the dishwashing machine.

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