Dryer leaking reasons


Dryer leaking reasons

The situations when the dryer is leaking can be caused by both malfunctions and external factors. The group of negatively influencing external factors includes:

  • violation of operating rules;
  • use of low-quality detergents;
  • manufacturing defects.

The malfunctions causing the dryer leaks can be as follows:

  • wear of gaskets;
  • wear or deformation of the seal;
  • hatch cuff damage;
  • drum cracks.

Therefore, if you notice that your drying machine is leaking, or the dryer doesn’t work properly behaving strangely, you should immediately contact expert dryer repair services across Toronto. A timely dryer repair saves you a lot of problems in the future and is ultimately cheaper. You are welcomed to use all the benefits of speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Toronto area and get the assistance of trained appliance repair professionals.

Why the dryer can leaking

Structurally, dryers can be divided into two main types: vented and condensing, i.e. operating on the principle of condensation of excess moisture. In vented drying machines laundry is drying in a drum rotating at a speed of up to one hundred revolutions per minute, and blown through with air heated to 50 – 70 degrees. Moist air escaping from the drum enters the room directly.

As a result, the humidity in the room where the tumble dryer is installed may increase. Therefore, during installation, it is necessary to take into account that the room should be actively ventilated. Sometimes such dryers are connected to the ventilation system using special pipes.

More modern models use a special system to condense excess moisture. The resulting water flows into a special tray. It can be removed from there manually or using a special pump. In this case, the dryer must be connected to a water supply for the intake of cold water required for system cooling and to the sewage system for automatic drainage. Such dryers are very convenient to use since they do not negatively impact the microclimate in the room but they have a slightly more complex device.

However, sometimes it happens that the dryer leaks making a puddle of water under it. The dryer leaks can be caused by not proper connection to the water supply system, damage to the gaskets, and the inlet hose. Such leaks, as a rule, are immediately detected by external examination. The drying machine also leaks if the outlet is clogged or the drain pump is faulty. The dryers that are not equipped with an automatic water drain system have a special alarm informing the user to empty the water tray when it is filled with water.

The dryer will leak if this system malfunctions and the water tank overflows. Also, modern drying units are quite sophisticated household appliances and in case of any failure or malfunction in the operation of many sensors, valves, and an electronic control module, a situation when the dryer leaks may happen. In this situation, it can be extremely difficult to determine the cause of the malfunction without special equipment, knowledge, and skills.

An attempt to unqualified dryer repair, in this case, is not only ineffective but also can harm your device. Thus, the repair of the drying machine should be entrusted to professional dryer technicians delivering complete appliance repair services. They are fully ready to offer you advanced servicing, regular maintenance, diagnostics, and fast eliminating any problem with your unit.

Don’t wait for the situation when your dryer stops working because of leakages. Call our professional fixers to enjoy the full efficiency of your dryer.

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