Dryer breakdowns


Dryer breakdowns

Household appliances are personal assistants for a modern housewife. Drying machines are very popular devices. They work jointly with washing machines to thoroughly dry the laundry after washing by using different operating modes. Thus, careful care of any wardrobe item is provided.

But, like any unit, sometimes the dryer stops working. The main causes of malfunctions, according to the statistics of the expert dryer repair services across Toronto, are failing to comply with the instructions for use and incorrect user actions. However, before calling the dryer technician for professional dryer repair services in Toronto, standard errors that can cause a malfunction should be checked and excluded. And it is really not that hard.

The conventional reasons causing dryer doesn’t work properly

Modern tumble dryers have a built-in ironing function, which saves the housekeeper from routine work. Many models have the function of steaming laundry, which is especially important when washing delicate fabrics. The tumble dryer can also freshen shoes and clothes, eliminate unwanted odors, clean clothes, soften them without the use of chemicals. Dust, pet hair, and small debris are collected in a special filter, which requires regular cleaning. This ensures that your drying machine will run smoothly.

Also, you need to check, whether:

  • the power is on;
  • the door is securely closed;
  • the timer running;
  • the filter is not clogged;
  • there are cracks or kinks in the airline.

One of the most common causes of a dryer failure is a leak in the air outlet duct. It can be easily determined as the air humidity in the room where the drying unit is operating increases significantly. Check the back of the device for a secure airline connection with no cracks.

Sometimes the cause of a malfunction is tangled laundry. This uneven weight distribution leads to strong drum vibration and early rollers wear. To avoid this, you should put clothes in the machine one at a time. Dryer overload is also a fairly common cause of breakdowns. Do not load too many wet items into the machine. The tumble dryer is not powerful enough to dry these items.

Overheating caused by insufficient air circulation is a common problem as well. Then dresses do not dry out completely, since the automated system shutdowns the heating elements due to the operation of the thermal protection. It is worth checking the air inlets on the back of the unit. Clean the filters also may help.

Sometimes the drum can rotate unevenly, lurch, or even stop at all. In this case, the drive belt is the source of a problem. It is necessary to check the belt tension. In the event of the thermostat failure, the heating elements of the drying machine are constantly shutting down, or if the heating element is damaged, it does not achieve the required temperature, so dresses remain damp.

If the drum makes a strange noise when rotating, you must immediately switch off the machine and see if any foreign objects have got inside. They can be coins, paper clips, keys. The strange sounds can also come from fasteners on clothes, zippers, which can scratch the drum. Load clothes inside out to avoid this issue.

Professional and speedy dryer repairs anywhere in the Toronto area

Needless to say that if you cannot fix the above breakdowns on your own, you will need to call a qualified dryer handyman. It is better to entrust dryer repairs to professionals able to quickly fix your unit. Despite such a large number of possible malfunctions, they occur quite rarely, and if all operating rules are observed, the dryer will last a long time bringing joy and satisfaction.

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