Don’t wait your fridge stops running: recommendations for use and care


Don’t wait your fridge stops running: recommendations for use and care

Many reasons later leading to different refrigerator fails can be easily avoided by observing the relevant operating rules. There is nothing complicated in the operation of the cooling unit as it functioning in automatic mode around the clock. The only thing that needs to be done at the first start-up and periodically adjusted during operation is to set the optimal temperature regime in specific circumstances.

The required temperature is set by the thermostat. In an electromechanical system, the values are set by eye or taking into account the recommendations specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. When doing this, it’s necessary to take into account the type and quantity of foodstuff stored in the refrigerator. Being one of the frequently required parts while fridge repair the knob of the thermostat, as a rule, is a round mechanism with several divisions. In modern models, the control can be carried out using the touch panel. In order to assess the degree of freezing, appliance repair experts advise first to put the regulator in the middle position, and after a while, if necessary, twist it to the right or left.

Preventive efforts to avoid your fridge doesn’t work properly

To extend the service life of a home refrigerator, you should not only understand the principles of its work but also take good care of the device. Lack of proper service and incorrect operation can lead to the rapid wear of important and frequently required parts and malfunctioning. You can avoid undesirable consequences of your fridge stops running by adhering to a number of rules:

  • Right installation of the cooling unit just as the way you install your tower fans properly. Make sure that the distance between the condenser and the wall of the room is at least 5 inches. Such a measure will help to ensure the unhindered circulation of air masses.
  • Regular cleaning of the condenser from dirt and dust in models with an open metal screen on the rear wall is necessary. To do this, you need to use an ordinary, slightly damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a small attachment.
  • Defrost the device in a timely manner, preventing the formation of an excessive layer of snow on the walls of the chambers. At the same time, it is prohibited to use knives and other sharp objects in order to remove ice crusts because they can easily damage and disable the evaporator causing expensive and time-consuming refrigerator repairs.

Also, you have to consider that the refrigerator should not be placed next to heating devices and in the areas where direct contact with the sun rays is possible. Excessive influence of external heat adversely affects the operation of the main components and the overall performance of the cooling unit. For cleaning the components of the device made of stainless steel only special agents recommended by the manufacturer in the manual for the device are suitable.

As long as the refrigeration unit is working properly, consumers are rarely interested in the specific of its maintenance. However, this knowledge should not be neglected. It is valuable because allows you to quickly determine the cause of a breakdown and find a problem area, preventing serious malfunctions. If for any reason you still suffer from faulty home appliance our many-year experienced Toronto appliance repair specialists got your back and are ready to offer quality and cost-efficient professional fridge repair services available for a wide spectrum of main refrigerator types.

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