Conventional ovens and microwaves


Conventional ovens and microwaves

Today our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service has decided to touch upon one of the most important topics regarding essential cooking appliances. Before purchasing cooking units, the consumers are more likely to be confused by the differences between microwave ovens and conventional ovens. The Toronto appliance repair specialists are here to describe all the differences and maybe similarities between the mentioned units, helping to decide which one suits your needs.

How do those kitchen appliances work?

Before making the decision which cooking device is the best according to your needs and preferences, let’s talk about how each of them works separately:

  • Conventional oven. Unlike microwave ovens, conventional ones use certain metal elements as a source of heat to provide high temperatures and prepare any kind of food. Some of them use wood as a source of heat but are rarely used as a domestic appliance. Moreover, you can choose the necessary temperature according to your heat. Another thing that makes convention ovens different from other cooking appliances, microwaves, in particular, is that it uses a fan to spread the heat evenly. A conventional oven, on the other hand, heats up the chamber itself.
  • This cooking unit uses magnetic radiation in order to heat cooked meals, or prepare food that does not require high temperatures. Moreover, a microwave oven usually heats only the food, which excludes the space inside it, as well as the plate you have put it on.

Advantages and drawbacks of using microwave and conventional oven

When it comes to microwave ovens, they are indeed more affordable than conventional ovens, they are also more hygienic being much easier to clean. However, they do not appear to be effective on thick foods like slices of meat, etc. Besides, some meals, such as poached eggs, can explode in the microwave.

As for the conventional oven, it offers multiple features, as well as the opportunity to prepare any kind of meal, which leads to another advantage. A conventional oven provides temperature control. It also gives more even cooking. On the other hand, they are not cheap and require more time to heat and cook a meal.

What is the answer?

It is entirely up to you which cooking appliance to go for your kitchen, but keep in mind that both of them perfect work in tandem with each other. But if you are more focused on preparing meals from scratch, a conventional oven would be the best choice in this case. The microwave would be useful if you are more likely to pre-heat cooked meals before eating them. Moreover, the microwave does not require too much space and can be fully integrated. Those units are available at reasonable prices, too.

Professional service at reasonable rates

Our express appliance repair Toronto features reliable oven repairs in the Toronto area, focusing on comprehensive repair services and long-lasting results. Apart from that, our team of trained appliance repair professionals specializes in servicing many other kitchen appliances, as well as essential laundry room units. We are available 7 days a week, interacting with all our customers no matter what kind of issue has led to the appliance’s malfunctions.

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