Convenient features of new generation refrigerators


Convenient features of new generation refrigerators

In the recent past, refrigerators could perform only one single function of cooling and freezing foodstuff. Over time, such units had to be switched off and disconnected from the power grid to defrost. It wasn’t so convenient because the fridge stops running if the defrost procedure wasn’t made for a long time. It was necessary to wait until the ice melted on the walls, wipe the surface dry, and then turn the device on again. Modern refrigerator models work very differently. Manufacturers are constantly improving their technology, making it much easier and more comfortable to operate the refrigerator. Even a child can handle this kind of control nowadays.

New defrost technologies

One of the first innovations was the No Frost technology, completely freeing users from the constant defrosting of refrigeration equipment. With the help of built-in fans, the evaporator, the coldest part of the refrigerator, is blown. The cooled air enters the refrigerator through special channels, so the moisture that appears in the unit does not freeze on the walls, but settles on the evaporator. The compressor switches off automatically letting the frost thawing and the moisture evaporating.

In addition to this technology, there is another type of defrosting named Frost Free. It works on a drip type and sometimes is calling a crying wall system. In such models of refrigerators, the evaporator is installed on the rear wall of the chamber, since it is the coldest one and ice formation occurs on it. After the automatic shutdown of the compressor, moisture flows down a special channel into a special tray which is located above the compressor. Due to the high temperature, moisture quickly evaporates and the freezing process occurs again.

Super freeze function

Thanks to this function, you can not only quickly freeze food, but also prepare it for raising the temperature. This mode allows fruits and vegetables to pass the zero zone faster. Products that have undergone this procedure remain tastier and do not lose their juice, as in a conventional freeze.

Super cool function

Unlike the previous function which only works in the freezer, this one is for the refrigerator compartment only. Its principle of operation is roughly the same: prepare food for a rise in temperature. In order to preserve the freshness of vegetables and fruits that can lose moisture over time, different special modes were invented.

  • Bio Fresh mode allows you to keep different foodstuff fresh for a long time.
  • Crisp Fresh (a built-in filter in the shelf for storing vegetables) removes unpleasant odors and keeps food fresh for a long time.

Refrigerator control system

Modern refrigerators are equipped with electronic controls. All information about the set modes is displayed either on a digital display or by an LED indication. Moreover, some models are equipped with a sound or light signal alerting the increase of temperature or an open door.

Thus, modern refrigerators are smart devices that make our life as comfortable as possible. If by any reason your refrigerator fails it is better to entrust its fixing to our trained appliance repair professionals knowing how to deal with all models and makers. We always guarantee fast and affordable fridge repair services in Toronto and GTA to keep your foodstuff fresh.

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