Basic facts about kitchen ovens you may not be aware of


Basic facts about kitchen ovens you may not be aware of

The kitchen oven is one of the essential kitchen appliances as it is commonly used for preparing different types of food. However, the majority of people are not aware of some basic facts related to a kitchen oven that could help them get the most out of their kitchen units. Our largest appliance repair company in the Toronto area is here to share basic facts about kitchen ovens, as well as many other important laundry room and kitchen units. Not only do we provide strong informative support, but also professional comprehensive maintenance, sending our best Toronto appliance repair specialists to deal with the situation, offering affordable oven repair services in Toronto.

Basic kitchen oven facts you may find useful

  • As a matter of fact, any kitchen oven is considered an original slow cooker (also known as a crock-pot) as the users can easily convert recipes created for cooktops into recipes suitable for oven. You can slow-roast vegetables, using the kitchen oven as a crock-pot, too.
  • We all know that the heat rises, therefore, the hottest part of the kitchen oven is always the top. It is important to take into consideration the position when cooking something in a pot or over the oven rack to avoid burning food or getting raw meals.
  • The majority of ovens share inaccurate temperature readings. You’ve heard it right, even the most modern models of kitchen ovens have this kind of problem. However, what you can do is calibrate the appliance to fix the problem. You can do it yourself, or call our trained appliance repair professionals to get it done within a short period of time.
  • The dirtiest part of an oven is usually its knobs. The knobs can be taken off, meaning that you can clean them separately in soapy water, or using any kitchen appliance cleaning liquid solution.
  • The location of oven racks is very important. We have already said that heat rises, making the top of the oven the hottest part. On the other hand, the bottom is where the heat usually comes out, but it does not mean that it is not hot enough to prepare meals. The middle rack position is the best one if you want to have your meals prepared evenly. If you are looking forward to crispier bottom, make sure to place the rack on the lower level to achieve that.
  • The hot spot. The so-called hot spot is what all kitchen ovens have in common and you cannot avoid having it, too. However, you can find it and use as a benefit when preparing food. To be able to find out where that hot spot is, you can place the slices of toast bread on the oven rack and toast them at the high temperature. The one bread that toasts very fast in comparison to other slices is the one under the hot spot of the oven.
  • The self-cleaning mode can cause a fire. The majority of modern kitchen ovens feature a so-called self-cleaning mode where the appliance uses high heat to get rid of food particles and, therefore, clean the oven cabinet from the inside. However, it can be very dangerous if there is too much food and spills left on the surface of the unit. Make sure to fully clean the oven from the inside using a cleaning solution before turning on the self-cleaning mode.
  • Oven broiler. It is often used to melt the cheese on grilled sandwiches, but it can actually do something more. The oven broiler can pre-heat already prepared meals, cook thin pieces of meat, and roast vegetables.

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In case your kitchen oven stops working, our team of Toronto appliance repair experts is here to give a hand by delivering comprehensive same day service in your area.

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