Bad laundry myths you should avoid


Bad laundry myths you should avoid

Unfortunately, some laundry pieces of advice are simple myths or even a waste of your time and money. Our Reputable and Reliable Appliance Repair Service is here to enlist the most common bad laundry room myths and reveal the real information behind each of them so that you can do your laundry easier and faster.

Bad laundry myths to avoid

What does really hide behind most common laundry myths?

  • Using coffee to prevent your clothes from fading. Most people heard of this method: if you rinse your dark clothes with some black coffee, you will prevent them from fading. Indeed, black coffee can color the fabrics, but it cannot prevent them from fading. If this is one of the methods you use, make sure to re-consider it and find another way to keep your clothes black because using coffee is just a waste of your time and coffee.
  • All the stains should be treated from the front. If you decide to clean the stain from both sides of the fabric, there are higher chances of successfully removing it as you can easily push it out of the fabrics when treating it from the back, too. In case you treat all the stains from the front, you will just end up pushing them deeper into the fibers of your clothes. Also, make sure to treat it with the remover according to the type of stains.
  • The heat causes shrinking. If you use a drying machine to have all your clothes dried, you may have heard that the heat usually causes shrinking. But the thing is, the fabrics usually shrink from the lack of moisture, as well as being over-dried in the dryer, regardless of the heat. In case you notice that some of your clothes get shrunk, you can simply remove them from the dryer to let them dry naturally.
  • Using Chlorine Bleach is good for your laundry detergent. These two things just never work together because they usually cancel each other, meaning that, by using both chlorine bleach and laundry detergent, the clothes will remain stained and faded. However, if you are using chlorine bleach only, you can boost it by using baking soda.
  • Killing laundry germs by using hot water. The hot water itself does not kill the germs or bacteria on your clothes. To be able to achieve proper disinfection, you are to use chlorine bleach or other disinfectants depending on the sensitivity of the fabrics.

If you notice that one of your laundry room appliances does not operate properly, we are ready to offer our efficient household appliance repair and maintenance.

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